‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Spoilers: New Characters Abraham, Eugene and Rosita 'Will Be Breathing Some New Life Into The Show'

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By Tarun Mazumdar | December 4, 2013 6:07 PM EST

Spoilers from the comic books (tread carefully).

The Prison group had to split up after what happened in the prison in "The Walking Dead" season 4 episode 8 mid-season finale. Now, there are numerous groups and they are on the road where it is likely that they will meet new people. In fact, while on the road they will meet Sgt. Abraham Ford played by Michael Cudlitz, Rosita Espinosa played by Christian Serratos and Dr. Eugene Porter played by Josh McDermitt. 

Robert Kirkman told Entertainment Weekly about how Abraham, Eugene and Rosita will enter in the TV version of "TWD."

"I can say that their introduction will be somewhat similar to how they were introduced in the comic, which I think is a very cool thing. I'm always pushing for big changes between the comic and the show, but when there is a good, natural process to adapt things directly, we do that from time to time to keep people guessing, so we will see a bit of that in their introduction," said Kirkman.

In the comic books, Rick and party met Abraham, Eugene and Rosita after the Prison fight.  The three new characters were looking for supplies so that they can travel to Washington D.C. wherein Eugene mentioned he was a scientist and had the answer to what happened. Obtained via Wetpain, they will head to Washington D.C. to meet others where Rick and his team decide to proceed with them. 

Robert mentioned these new characters will breathe new life into "The Walking Dead" series.

"I think the main thing to look at is that these are some very interesting and dynamic and explosive characters that will be breathing some new life into the show, which is something that all of our new characters do. They're going to be pushing things in new directions. So they will definitely be an X factor that changes the dynamic of the show quite a bit. There's cool things ahead with them."

These new characters will certainly change the way the season is heading. New people are always welcome in the universe of "The Walking Dead." Will Dr. Eugene proceed to find a cure to the infection?

Find out when "The Walking Dead" season 4 returns on February 9, 2014. Till then, stay safe and watch out, there is walker behind. Kill. Kill. Kill. 

Promo of "The Walking Dead" Season 4 Episode 9.

Sneak Peek of "The Walking Dead" Season 4 Episode 9.

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