Earlier Galaxy S5 Release Date as Samsung Sets December 2013 Rollout of Reported Galaxy S4 Upgrade Dubbed as Galaxy J?

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By Erik Pineda | December 4, 2013 4:49 PM EST

Recent reports suggested that Samsung could advance the debut of its 2014 hero phone, from March of the same year to February. And to support the story, rumours from Asia point to a likely start of the device's volume production on January, prepping for the GS5's grand market entry in the weeks to follow.

However, another report, picked up by Gotta Be Mobile, seems to insinuate that Sammy fans will get a hold of the new Galaxy flagship earlier than February 2014. This develops as Samsung, per claims published by ePrice, is all set to unleash a new high-end handset on Dec 9.

The device is known for now as Galaxy J, which according to the same report is already mapped for select distribution in the immediate weeks. That would mean the Galaxy J will hit retail stores just when the Christmas fever reaches its peak level.

The new smartphones is programmed to wade into Taiwanese shores first though other destinations have yet to be determined.

But the most interesting part of the ePrice report is the specs sheet that details the basic prowess of the Galaxy J, which at first glance makes the device a cross between the GS4 and the hot-selling Galaxy Note 3.

The screen profile is 5-inch with 1080p resolution but there was no mention of the display panel make, whether it will be Super AMOLED or another LCD variant. The camera details are nothing short of superlative, bannered by a 13MP main shooter.

Under the hood, the Galaxy J will be drawing some serious horsepower from a quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU that hums away at a dizzying pace of 2.3GHz. The device's overall performance is expected to be zippy with the processing chip tapped on a 3GB of RAM, mirroring that of the Note 3 and improving on the GS4's RAM provision.

With the manner the Galaxy J is specced, Samsung appears bent on uncaging a beastly phone to cap its sterling 2013 record.

But one thing is sure, the Galaxy J is not the Galaxy S5, which according to BGR is heading into the metal zone as its launch date nears. That means Samsung is bringing out a handset that is more solidly built, wrapped in aluminium on the outside while its components rest on metallic chassis on the inside.

In contrast, the Galaxy J is more like the Galaxy S4 - it is housed in plastic.

But the timing of its outing is crucial, somehow flagging of the earlier arrival that Samsung has planned out for the Galaxy S5. In essence, the Galaxy J is paving the way for the GS5's landing.

The rush is explained by Samsung's intention of sustaining its solid sales performance in the quarters, which is reportedly threatened by the faltering sales numbers being associated with the Galaxy S4.

So if the GS5 is coming out by January and global buyers embrace its sexier and metallic finish, the South Korean tech is comfortably looking to a rosy Q1 2014 financial report. For Q4 2013, the company is upbeat that the Note 3 and GS4 duo will deliver the goods as anticipated.

On release date, the Galaxy S5 is likely to flash a 5.2-inch screen, a 64-bit 8-core Exynos CPU or a quad-core Snapdragon 805, 4GB of RAM and a 16MP rear cam shooter that uses ISOCELL technology coming from Sony.

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