'Supernatural' Season 9: Misha Collins Prepares to Direct an Episode, Talks About Character Castiel on Being Human

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By Jenalyn Villamarin | December 4, 2013 4:49 PM EST

"Supernatural" actor Misha Collins shared a couple of insights on the journey of his character, angel-turned-human Castiel, in Season 9 during an interview with TV Equals. Furthermore, the 39-year-old actor revealed about his preparations to direct for the first time an upcoming episode for the successful CW TV series.

Misha Collins teased that there is something serious behind Castiel's funny experiences when it comes to living a human life after his grace has been taken away. "I think that the stuff that he has been dealing with is how to brush your teeth and how to feed yourself and how to make sense of what your purpose on the planet is. But that's kind of a heavy question. Like 'is this satisfying in and of itself?'," stated the actor.

In the SheKnows report, Misha Collins shared that the big question that Castiel currently deals with in Season 9 is the meaning behind transforming into a human. "Is working in a convenience store, in and of itself, not only gratifying and a fulfilling but a purpose that gives meaning to one's existence? That's a pretty good question to be grappling with," explained Mr Collins.

An exciting episode that "Supernatural" fans can look forward to is the one that Misha Collins directs. The Examiner report reveals the actor is preparing to direct Episode 17 but no details are available yet. "It's nice going into my first big directing experience with a crew that knows me [and] that I know, [and] that I'm not going to feel like a fish out of water," shared the actor.

On this new working experience, Misha Collins admits that he is looking forward to receive help and support from the crew and cast members. According to the actor, the show's variation in tone can be attributed to the freedom that directors have on the set.

"There's nobody there who's saying 'No, no, no. We don't do that' and I think it probably gives the tone of the show a little bit more variation than a lot of episode television has," shared Misha. Mr Collins even talked to co-star Jensen Ackles, who had already directed some "Supernatural" episodes, to ask for tips from his directing experiences on the show.

"He actually gave me a bunch of advice that was helpful. I've basically grilled every director that has come along and asked them for their input. [I have] a cloud app that I've been storing all of my director input on," stated the actor. Will Castiel appear in the episode that Misha Collins will direct?

When asked what it will be like for him to direct himself, Misha Collins explained: "If I am directing myself, I think for the most part the direction I'm going to be giving is 'That was awesome. Great work. Way to bring it.' In a perfect world, I think I would be very light or not in it at all because it's just more to think about."

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