4 Xbox One Problems Fans Hope Would be Fixed: Party Chat, User Interface, YouTube Issues and More

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By Gel Galang | December 4, 2013 2:09 PM EST

The Xbox One community in Reddit has been very vocal about what they want for Microsoft's next-gen console, and there have been a number of wish lists and features to be fixed ASAP for the Xbox One.

Considering that Xbox One's Major Nelson has stated that Microsoft is listening to the wants and needs of the Xbox One gamers, it helps that more people are bringing up their beef with the console to make it a better device.

Check out these continuing problems with the Xbox One and stay tuned to see if Microsoft will be dealing with it in the near future.

When YouTube listens all the time

Another Reddit comment points to the problems of YouTube seemingly listening all the time, and mistakes the gamer for communicating with it and opens the pop-up command screen.

"How is it that I can't even sit through a video without the YouTube app randomly thinking that I'm talking to it? Even if nobody in the room is saying a thing, even if it's just me in the room at night, it still thinks that I'm talking to it," said thread creator BoldCityDigital.

It appears that even the Xbox One Kinect command "Stop listening" does not resolve the problem.

Nevertheless, Redditors have already suggested some solutions to this problem: "I advise anyone having this sort of problem with YouTube and/or other apps, to rerun the Audio Calibration on the Kinect and really turn up your volume," said TheDCKomix.

iLLNiSS added that the Kinect should not be in front of the TV or speakers to avoid any other complications.

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A downgrade for the UI?

Edge-Online brings up an interesting view of the new user interface for the Xbox One. At first glance, it is obvious that this was an improvement in terms of design: there are no multi-layers, no in-your-face ads, and with created shortcuts that you need.

However, the downside here is that the tradeoff comes with an overall sluggish user experience. One example noted in the report is how viewing Achievements have become difficult in terms of accessibility to the user.

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The only reportedly noticeable improvement in the UI is said to be the Settings Menu, which can be accessed from anywhere in the Menu, unlike before. Perhaps the main problem of the UI is that it may have been heavily influenced by the design of Windows 8; something that may be part of Microsoft's goal to someday unify the looks of its OS's.

Since the Xbox One is still pretty new to users, it's not too late yet to provide updates and to fix the issues and bugs, and hopefully, Microsoft is using this time to tally up the feedback from its players.

Lack of friend requests

Redditor Spynjess has also brought up the problem of how adding someone on the Xbox One makes you his follower, with no way of knowing who have been following you unless you take the time to take note.

"So many changes about the XB1 make me so angry because it seems they did not think them through. Keeping some of the 360 functions seriously should have been considered. If it is not broken, why break it?" said Spynjess.

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In relation to this, other features that are missing are the lack of voice messages, profile editing or viewing of profile stats, viewing recent players from the dashboard, private chat beyond Skype, and more advanced options on the dashboard.

The reception of the new features and the lack of old ones have received mixed reactions, with some appreciating the Xbox One's change for an upgrade, while others remain annoyed at the fact that the tradition in the Xbox 360 was not carried over.

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Party chat issues

Until now, no fix has been found for the party chat system on the Xbox One. It seems that a lot of gamers have been complaining about this, and the Xbox One team has started to take notice.

Major Nelson has promised that this will be one of the improvements that he will carry to the higher-ups, and to see what they could do about it.

*A warning to those who are planning to unlock the developer settings on the Xbox One: Don't. At least not yet. Read the details here.

GameSpot reports that among the other criticisms that the Xbox One has received, they emphasise on the need to improve on the party invitation process and chat system.

In fact, a new website, Xbox Feedback has been created by fans, where some of the issues have been brought up. It's a good checklist if one wants to see what can be improved, and it seems that Major Nelson will be the first step of the process towards improvement.

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