Paul Walker’s Suicide Possibilities: CCTV Footage Shows Paul Walker Had 60 Seconds to Save Himself before Fire, Autopsy Reports Hushed Up

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By Sounak Mukhopadhyay | December 4, 2013 2:07 PM EST

CCTV footage reveals that Paul Walker had about 60 seconds to save himself before the Porsche that killed him in the Nov 30 accident caught fire. However, he did not get out of the car.

CNN obtained video footage from a security camera, which shows that black smoke started rising from the accident scene only after 60 seconds after a tree and a light pole were seen falling. The CCTV footage may turn out to be critical as 60 seconds is a lot of time to get out of the car. Walker's body was unidentifiable due to severe burn in the accident. This means that he could have saved himself if he got out of the car after it crashed.

Investigators do not want to come to any conclusion at the moment as they have put a 'security hold' as the autopsy reports are yet to be released. On the other hand, one cannot deny some obvious questions: Did Paul Walker not want to get out of the car? Was it really an accident or a deliberate action? Did Walker commit suicide?

There seems to be an uncanny silence about Paul Walker's autopsy without giving any proper reason behind the secrecy. The coroner is not ready to reveal any details of the autopsy. He has not even thrown any light on whether dental X-rays were used in the process even though it was earlier revealed that the dental records should be significant since the bodies were unidentifiable due to the burn. The bodies have only been identified as case members so far, CNN reports.

Even though the video does not show the Porsche crash, it definitely shows the tree and the light pole falling. Thereafter, it took 60 seconds for faint smoke to appear. The darker smoke took even more time to appear, over 2 minutes. It is not even confirmed who was driving the car even though eye-witnesses claim that it was Roger Rodas, Walker's friend.

The possibility of Walker's suicide cannot be ruled out at the moment as everything looks quite mysterious at the moment. The Porsche was extremely fast with no valid reason as there was not racing with other cars involves, according to the statement by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. No one knows why Walker did not get out of the car even though he had such a long time. Earlier, his father revealed that he had told him that he might not have a lot of time to spend with his daughter [Read here].

On the other hand, one of Walker's friends found him unconscious under the intense fire when he attempted to rescue him. Therefore, there is possibility that Walker could also have become unconscious due to the crash and could not move out, possibly debunking the suicide theory. The autopsy reports are going to be critical

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