iPhone 6 Release Date Rumour: Awesome Camera Features for 1st Apple Phablet to Intro Facial Recognition & 3D Imaging?

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By Erik Pineda | December 4, 2013 12:57 PM EST

The next iOS smartphone build, the iPhone 6 or iPhone Air, could be the most secured and privacy-friendly handset to come out on its rumoured 2014 release date plus the bonus ability to produce 3D or stereoscopic images.

Based on freshly-approved Apple patents that Apple Insider published this week in separate reports, the tech giant is looking into the possibility of further enhancing the camera capabilities, rear and front, of its future iOS device, with the iPhone 6 as likely initial recipient of the game-changing technologies.

In the first killer camera feature, iOS devices are envisioned to sport an advanced front-facing cam that makes for "a personal computing device control using face detection and recognition." With the system in place, a more productive and secure computing environment will be created, Apple said.

With face recognition, the next iPhone would be able to allow or deny access on the device. The system would also regulate the use of crucial handset features such as making and receiving calls or sending and reading text/email messages.

For instance, incoming calls cannot be accepted by a person who is not the real owner of the iPhone 6. The same goes for gadget's messaging features - only an authorised face, preconfigured during the phone's initial set up, would be able to pull up the text or email window.

Apple appears confident that the privacy feature is robust enough as "a number of features are taken into consideration with the matching techniques, including relationships of facial features, identification of facial structures like skin tone, shape, and skin texture, and encoded learning models," Apple Insider said on its report.

So paired with the Touch ID fingerprint scanner that was introduced with the iPhone 5S, Apple is surely beefing up the security features that are packed with the iPhone 6 using better camera and sensor technologies with its mobile devices.

And the camera improvements don't step there as the iPhone 6 cam shooter will likely boasts of the ability to create stereoscopic images. Stereoscopic imaging, according to Apple Insider, "is a technique designed to replicate the way humans perceive depth in real life."

In practical application, the production of 3D images or even clips will be provided to users of next-generation iPhones and iPads.

Lately, the likelihood of such incredible features for the iPhone 6 becoming a reality gained more traction as Apple hinted of the powerful specs that the device will bring to the table come its debut time. The headliners would be a 64-bit A8 processing chip, 4GB of RAM and a 5-inch screen profile with a wraparound display panel.

On its rumoured release date, which analysts said should be anytime within the second half of 2014, the iPhone 6 is seen to be covered in a Liquidmetal case, rendering the handset virtually indestructible.

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