Taylor Swift And Lorde The New BFFs? Young Stars Appear Chummy In Taylor’s Auckland Show

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By Anne Lu | December 4, 2013 12:52 AM EST

Has Taylor Swift found a new BFF in Lorde? The 23-year-old American singer was spotted hugging the 17-year-old Kiwi rising star during her concert in Auckland, Lorde’s hometown, weeks after they were seen getting lunch together and months after Lorde called the slightly older singer “unattainable.”

Taylor was in New Zealand as part of her worldwide Red Tour, and her visit wasn’t complete without greeting her new friend. Apparently, she was seen giving Lorde a hug and peck on the cheek during her concert. Fans in the Vector Arena in Auckland have reported the incident on Twitter.

The meeting of two young pop stars should have been a non-event. After all, they are both young and successful; it’s unlikely that they wouldn’t cross paths in the industry.

But what made it news is the fact the media and the fans once thought that Lorde unfairly criticised Taylor in one of her interviews when she called the blonde singer “unattainable.”

“Taylor Swift is so flawless and so unattainable, and I don’t think it’s breeding anything good in young girls,” she was quoted in Metro magazine as saying.

Her comment was expectedly met with hostile reception from Taylor’s loyal fans, but she has quickly clarified what she meant when a fan asked her about it on her Tumblr page.

“I think I cocked that up a bit and what I said wasn’t put in context also,” she wrote. “ts was the first person I thought of, which I regret. She happens to be good looking, but I think she actually uses her other imperfections in an incredibly powerful and respectable way.”

Taylor remained mum on Lorde’s alleged diss and subsequent clarification. Either she hasn’t been made aware of it or she understood what Lorde meant the first time around.

But the media didn’t easily forget and forgive. A lot of people thought that Lorde’s slipup has permanently damaged what could have been a powerful alliance between the two even before it started.

Not quite. Taylor and Lorde were photographed grabbing lunch at the Shake Shack in New York City earlier in November, prompting onlookers to conclude that the two have become close friends.

And then there’s the latest hugging incident in Taylor’s show, which has effectively ended the rumoured feud.

But while the two appear to be hitting it off, Taylor’s other BFF still isn’t ready to open her arms to Lorde.

Selena Gomez is still seething over Lorde’s unfavourable comment on the former Disney star’s hit song “Come & Get It.”

“I’m a feminist, and the theme of her song ‘Come & Get It” is ‘When you’re ready, come and get it from me.’ I’m sick of women being portrayed this way,” Lorde told Rolling Stone in a previous interview.

Selena, 21, didn’t appreciate Lorde’s critique of her song, saying that “it’s not feminism if you’re tearing down another artist.”

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