FiLIP: The First Smartwatch That Will Help Parents Track Their Child’s Location, A Perfect Christmas Gift For Kids [Video]

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By jaskiran kaur | December 3, 2013 6:26 PM EST

In the era of smartwatches, technology has reached new heights. Several smartwatches help keep a tab on time, your health and more. But for the first time, a smartwatch can help parents track their children and keep a tab on their locations. FiLIP, a new smartwatch, has been specially designed to keep kids and their parents connected to each other. Just in time for the Christmas, the new technology makes a perfect Christmas gift.

FiLIP is an AT&T's and Filip Technologies' product and has been designed for the parent's convenience and safety of kids. As described by the smartwatch's Web site, it is "a wearable smart locator and phone for kids." It is a GPS and mobile-enabled watch reasonably priced as it is expected not to exceed $200.

FiLIP Smartwatch is Built with Four Technologies (Features)

FiLIP Smartwatch is the world's first device of its kind which is built with smartphone voice and technology to locate a child. It is built with four technologies:

Calling: It is wearable that can be used for calling. The Web site of the product claims it has a powerful two-way GSM cellular voice that ensures quality calls and coverage as expected in smartphones.

Location Technology: FiLIP is built with GPS technology that works with GSM cell tower location and WiFi triangulation technology to provide parents with most accurate location of the wearer, indoors and outdoors or both.

Intelligent Emergency: It is built with the Intelligent Emergency feature which when activated, starts with ambient sound recording and calls each of the five contacts that are stored in FiLIP Smartwatch.

FCC Certified Antenna: This means that the watch is safe for children as it is recognized and certified by Federal Communication Commission. Its design emits radio energy only when it is activated.

Aside from these features, FiLIP helps parents select "SafeZone," which a based on the location where the child spent most of his time and is safe. It can be school, crèche or any other destination that parents can set according to them. With the help of this, parents are sent with an automatic notification when their children enter the set "SafeZone." It can also send text messages.

FiLIP smartwatch is designed for children aged 11 or younger. This serves the purpose for the parents who are reluctant for buying phones to children as young as 11 and below. Parents can pay $10 for unlimited services of locating tracking and voice calling.

FiLIP smartwatch is available in vibrant colors that children will love. It is a practical device that not only tells the time and make for a fancy watch but also, ensure child's safety. If you are wondering what to gift your child for this Christmas, then FiLIP smartwatch is the answer. Watch the video below, to learn more about the FiLIP smartwatch that can track your child's location and keep him/her safe.

Video: FiLIP Smartwatch for Kids AT&T

Credit: AT&T

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