World's Loneliest Toilet Can Be Found Hanging on a Siberian Cliff

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By Christine Lazaro | December 3, 2013 6:03 PM EST

Did you know that what is dubbed as the world's loneliest toilet can be found hanging about 8,500 above sea level on a cliff in Siberia? This one extreme restroom is what's used by the weather station employees who stay in the Altai Mountains.

According to New York Daily News, the working group is composed of five staff assigned at this post and the toilet hanging on the cliff is their only area to relieve themselves when nature calls. They are visited at the Kara-Tyurek weather station by a messenger who is to gather their weather data and deliver their food, water and other basic supplies from a chopper. They are also given a regular supply of wood since there are no trees around them.

MSN Now mentioned that it took several years before the weather station employees overcame their fear of using the world's loneliest toilet. The Interfax News Agency recognized the toilet too as "the most unromantic place possible."

Other Interesting Toilet News

In other "toilet-related" news, the most luxurious toiler is found at the Swiss Horn Gold Palace based in Hong Kong. It was built with three tons of gold within a good number of years. From its walls and ceilings, everything is made out of gold. Hence, those who would visit it are required to wear protective footwear.

Another scary toilet perfect for thrill seekers out there is the one in found in Guadalajara, Mexico. It is situated on top of an open lift shaft, particularly the 15th floor. However, it comes with a glass layer so as to assure that visitors won't fall. If you have vertigo though, then this toilet is not the one to rush to. features in a slideshow another set of amazing yet highly weird toilet designs you will ever get to see in your life!

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