'Supernatural' Season 9 Spoilers: Sam Winchester Still Ready to Face Death? Dean's Secret Now Drives Him Crazy

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By Jenalyn Villamarin | December 3, 2013 5:22 PM EST

The story that "Supernatural" fans are looking forward to watch in Season 9 is the angelic possession of Sam Winchester and when Dean will tell his brother about it. Actor Jared Padalecki teased about his character's readiness to face death while Jensen Ackles previewed that secret about Sam's possession is now driving Dean Winchester crazy.

The "Supernatural" Season 9 premiere episode "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here" made a desperate Dean Winchester agree to an angelic possession in order to save his brother. In the Enstars report, Jared Padalecki described his character Sam Winchester is ready to embrace death during the Burbank, California Salute to "Supernatural" convention held in November.

"We definitely do see that Sam values his life, but he also values life. And kind of says, 'Why am I more important than this or than that?' And I think it's a good place for Sam to be and I think we'll certainly see more of Sam saying, 'Listen Dean, I think I've done my bit," stated the 31-year-old actor, according to the TV Guide report.

Mr Padalecki further revealed that Sam getting upset upon finding out about Ezekiel's (Tahmoh Penikett) possession sounds just about right.

"I think Sam was ready to go and I guess that's a big struggle. I feel like Sam found that place. He's like, 'You know what? I'm ready to go'," shared the actor to the BurCon attendees.

In the upcoming Episode 9 titled "Holy Terror," Ezekiel will be showing a different side as the conflict and tension rises between the fallen angels. The promo video even showed Zeke using his powers on Dean Winchester.

Jensen Ackles revealed that the current situation of angel war is putting Sam's health in danger therefore it drives his character Dean Winchester crazy.

"It gets to a point where it actually backfires on him. In some way, shape or form, it's going to explode and the ugly truth will rear its head. At this point it's a battle that he is very begrudgingly having the fight," teased the actor.

Even though there will be issues between Dean and Zeke, Jared Padalecki teased that the two will still bond after Dean finds out about the angel's true motivations when it comes to helping Sam Winchester.

"I think it's because Dean was so obviously and apparently vulnerable to Ezekiel. He had to basically say, 'Listen, fine. Just do whatever. Save my brother.' So Ezekiel's seen Dean's Achilles Heel," shared Mr Padalecki.   

Catch the Winchester brothers in "Supernatural" Season 9 that airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET on the CW network.

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