Mum Chooses Lovelife, Boyfriend -- Pushes Baby to Death while Strapped in Stroller into Sea

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By Esther Tanquintic-Misa | December 3, 2013 2:11 PM EST

"She was incompatible with my lovelife." And so without fanfare and much batting of her eyelashes, a French mother decided to permanently stow away the cause of her lovelife's sufferings - by pushing her very own 15-month-old daughter to her death out into the open sea.

Fabienne Kabou, 36, now faces life imprisonment after CCTV footage caught her pushing little Adelaide to the coast of Berck sur Mer in northern France on November 19. The next day, fishermen found her body in the English Channel, still strapped into her stroller and submerged in water.

Detained and questioned by authorities after a 10-day search, Ms Kabou confessed to the crime. Her lawyers said the Senegalese mother admitted doing the drastic move because little Adelaide has been getting in between her and the child's father, a sculptor.

"She left the child alive on the beach as the tide was rising," the prosecutor said. "She expresses remorse. She is not trying to find excuses."

Ms Kabou was arrested in the home she shares with a 63 year old man in Paris.

"First and foremost, she wanted to save her marriage by killing her child," Gerard Lopez, president of the Institute of Victimology and legal expert at the Paris Court of Appeals, told

"This would probably not have changed anything. She is not crazy. Her actions were premeditated."

The father claimed Ms Kabou told him she had handed over their daughter to her grandmother in Senegal. He had no idea behind the truth of what she had done to Adelaide.

People in Berck were dumbfounded over Ms Kabou's actions.

With her own confession, police will now try to investigate if Ms Kabou had been a victim of domestic or psychological violence from her partner.

"Some develop narcissistic and immature behavior at the birth of a child. By getting rid of the child, she may have been trying to meet the needs of her boyfriend who wanted more attention," Mr Lopez said.

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