Gaming News: The Walking Dead Season 2 Updates - GTA 5 Dev vs. Lindsay Lohan - Half-Life 3 'Leaks'

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By Gel Galang | December 3, 2013 2:08 PM EST

The Walking Dead Season 2 is finally coming this December. With it comes two returning characters from the previous adventure.

This was what Telltale Games teased in its official Twitter account, "A familiar face returns in The Walking Dead Season 2 premiere episode, 'All That Remains,' releasing this month." The tweet was accompanied by the picture of Omid and the already announced Clementine, GameSided reported.

Apart from the game, there's also the iOS version of The Walking Dead: Season 2 to look after. This comes almost naturally, as Phone Arena noted that Telltale Games was able to get 25% of the $40 million revenue that the game had earned from the iOS version of The Walking Dead.

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Also, a YouTube video has spilled a nice add-on for those who are avid fans of The Walking Dead game. If you pre-order The Walking Dead: Season 2 game off of the Telltale Games Web site, you can qualify for the collector's edition DVD at the cost of the shipping and handling. This only means $7 for the additional DVD, as per the video's announcement.

For those who are playing The Walking Dead Season 2 as their first game in Telltale Games' franchise adaptation, you'll be happy to know that your gameplay will be freer than those who have gone through both Season 1 and the 400 Days DLC. According to the video, the choices would be randomly generated for first-time players, while veterans will have to live with their decisions for The Walking Dead Season 2.

Check out the video for some more speculations about The Walking Dead Season 2.

GTA 5 vs. Lindsay Lohan?

GTA 5 has been sought after by gamers even before its release date in September. Today it's being sought out for a potential suing case, with Lindsay Lohan reportedly on the other end against developer Rockstar Games.

This is the rumor that has been swirling around, thanks to supposed bits of evidence for the unauthorized use of her image within the GTA 5 game. Quoting the report from TMZ, IGN reported that the incidences include the sighting of a blond Lacey Jones against paparazzi, the appearance of a redhead in Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, and the artwork featuring the iFruit phone that reportedly looks like the actress.

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Until now, there have been no public statements from either GTA 5 developer or Lohan, though the most that is known for any character references in real life in GTA 5, it would be Shelby Wellinder, who is outed that she is the blond girl in GTA 5.

In other GTA 5 news, another leaked file has been accessed for GTA 5 Online. According to Eurogamer, following the discovery of the audio files for the potential GTA 5 DLC, the same person had now discovered footage of the content creator.

This was corroborated by MP1st, which reported that the Creator menu features the likes of GTA 5, Create a Race or a Deathmatch, and Load. There may also be other options such as wanted levels, radio channel choice, weapons and stunt jumps.

Check out the leaked content creator as seen in YouTube.

Half-Life 3: More Leaks?

The debate and speculation on whether Half Life 3 is coming (if it ever does) never ends. It is usually fueled by several rumors from the trademark that had been pulled out immediately as it was leaked online to the many conspiracy theories made by the more hopeful.

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This time, a supposed new piece of evidence to fuel the speculation comes from PC Gamer, whose magazine cover has a splashing message "Whoa! Half-Life 3 secrets leak!" that's enough to catch any fan's attention.

Spotted by GamingBolt, the Half-Life 3 magazine image had supposedly also reached Nvidia GeForce's official Facebook page, which could either be the proverbial nod to legitimacy or the ever-present possibility of another trolling episode.

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If that clue isn't enough, there was also the bug-tracker that had revealed a number of developers who are linked to the Half-Life 3 project.

DualShockers previously reported that more or less 50 developers are working on Half-Life 3. Some of the names have a history with the Half-Life 3 franchise, such as Steve Bond, Marc Laidlaw, Kelly Bailey and Adam Foster.

Are those clues enough to merit hope in Half-Life 3?

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