Floyd Sr.: Floyd Mayweather Jr. Would Beat Manny Pacquiao the Same Way the Filpino Boxer Beat Brandon Rios If Mega-Fight Pushes Through

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By Rachelle Corpuz | December 3, 2013 1:04 PM EST

Pro Boxing Insider got caught up with Floyd Mayweather Sr., and as always, the elder Mayweather was generous to grant an interview.

After Manny Pacquiao's victory against Brandon Rios, the general public thinks that he has already redeemed himself from his two consecutive losses against Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez, and believes that the eight-division Filipino world champion now deserves a fight with the undefeated boxer of all-time. However, the elder Mayweather thinks otherwise.

"Manny ain't ready for that," said the elder Mayweather. "He wasn't ready when he was doing his thing, now with what I have just seen the other day, Floyd would do Manny the same thing he did on Rios," he said. "There wouldn't be no difference," he added.

The elder Mayweather thinks that Manny wouldn't be a challenge to Floyd Jr. "I wanted to see what the f**k he could do," he said. He also stated that Manny should beat someone like Alvarez and Guerrero before he could get a chance to fight Floyd Jr. "If Manny whipped one of them, then it is time to get it on," he said.

Obviously, the elder Mayweather has a special favoritism on his son Floyd. However, he had also stated good words about the Pacquiao and praised the Filipino boxer with his victory against the American boxer Brandon Rios.

"I thought Manny Pacquiao did good with Brandon Rios," he said. "I am speaking of that particular fight and I think Manny Pacquiao did good with him because for me, Brandon Rios can't fight," he added. "Those are my honest opinions, and from what I just saw on Rios, I don't see no skills, I don't see no knowledge in boxing," said the elder Mayweather. "I think that Manny looked very very good on him, Brandon Rios didn't win a round, I think that the fight was a total shed-out," he concluded.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao are two of the greatest boxers of our generation. Will the mega fight between the two ever happen? We wonder when we will ever get the answer to the never-ending Mayweather-Pacquiao debate.


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