Eagle Steals Video Camera in Australia, Captures Stunning Footage of Aerial Journey (VIDEO)

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By Reissa Su | December 3, 2013 12:30 PM EST

(Source: YouTube/NewsonABC)

A bird has stolen a video camera in Australia and shot footage of its journey in the skies. The sea eagle has captured scenes of Western Australia's remote town of Kimberley after getting the camera and taking it along on a 70-mile journey.

Aboriginal rangers brought the camera with motion sensors and set it up on a gorge in May 2013 on the Margaret River. The rangers wanted to try and record images of fresh-water crocodiles believed to be in the area. Roniel Skeen, a Gooniyandi ranger, said the video camera disappeared when they came back to check on it. Mr Skeen said the camera was nowhere to be found and they thought it fell into the water.

Mr Skeen said a few weeks ago, they received a phone call that informed them of a small device found by a Parks and Wildlife ranger about 110 kilometres away from the gorge.

When the rangers recovered the camera, they were able to get three 3-second clips and discovered that a sea eagle had taken the camera. From the footage, the bird is seen picking up the video camera and taking it up in the air. Later on, the bird puts down the camera and begins to peck at it.

Mr Skeen said he and the other rangers were shocked to see the bird's journey captured by the camera. He said he was amazed because it was the first time that one of their cameras was picked up by an animal.

Mr Skeen said other animals have moved some of their camera traps before but they had not taken off like the sea eagle did. He said it was "pretty cool."

The Gooniyandi Rangers believe that the sea eagle was young because they believe an adult eagle would have dropped its prey or object it picked up from the ground. Mr Skeen said the young bird may still be learning how to handle its prey since the camera was not dropped.

Due to the 'camera theft", the rangers are planning to secure future cameras with bolts in the future.

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