'Castle' Season 6, Episode 11 Spoilers: Stana Katic's Beckett Talks 'Commitment to Engagement' Worries; When is the Wedding? [WATCH]

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By Arlene Paredes | December 3, 2013 12:03 PM EST

"Castle" Season 6, Episode 11 (Castle 6x11) air date falls in 2014. The ABC series is in winter hiatus, making fans go crazy with #WhenCastleWentCable ideas on Twitter. Stana Katic's Kate Beckett will be bringing up some engagement concerns in this episode. Meanwhile Cas-kett fans are wondering: When is the wedding?

Spoiler alert: This feature contains minor spoilers from the next episodes of Castle Season 6. Episode 11 is airing on Jan. 6 (Monday) on the U.S. network ABC.

Stana Katic on Twitter is "retweeting" several #WhenCastleWentCable fan fiction ideas. This could be the lovely actress' way of keeping the Cas-kett fans engaged during the show's hiatus.

In the next Castle Season 6 episodes, these are a few of the things fans are looking forward to watching:

- The return of 3XK (or his disciple)
- The next Sen. Bracken and Beckett face-off
- James Brolin's reprisal of his role as the senior Mr Castle
- The eventual (perhaps inevitable) break-up of Alexis and Pi
- The grand wedding of Det. Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) and mystery writer Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion)

"Should I be worried about your commitment to our engagement?" Beckett asks Castle in a spoiler video on YouTube. (Scroll down to watch the clip.) This is from Castle Season 6, Episode 11, airing in 2014. Fans know the depth and breadth of Castle's devotion to Beckett. However, Castle has issues, of course. This is Beckett's first marriage, yet he is not exactly a virgin in declaring vows.

While waiting for the next Castle Season 6 episode, here are some #WhenCastleWentCable thoughts that Stana Katic retweeted:

- #WhenCastleWentCable Kate is abducted in her wedding day by 3xk (@LauStanatic)
- Castle's dad was the one who killed Beckett's mum #whencastlewentcable" whoaaaa! (@JediChuckster)
- Johanna is alive and she works as a spy with Castle's father. #WhenCastleWentCable (@esELbeso)

Based on the fan fiction ideas she retweeted, Stana Katic shows a particular interest in what fans are thinking about Sen. Bracken, 3XK, Castle's dad, her character Beckett's mom, and the much-anticipated (yet never confirmed by spoilers) wedding.

WATCH: Castle Season 6, Episode 11 Sneak Preview (Castle 6x11 Spoiler Alert)

No new Castle Season 6 episodes until 2014. It looks like Cas-kett fans would have to go on with more fan fiction to tide themselves over. Perhaps more wedding ideas would be retweeted?

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