Rare Dinosaur Skeleton Discovered in Canada

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By Sounak Mukhopadhyay | December 3, 2013 11:04 AM EST

A rare dinosaur skeleton has been found in Alberta, Canada.

The well-known palaeontologist from the University of Alberta, Philip Currie, found the skeleton of a baby Chasmosaurus belli. According to Mr Currie, this discovery happens to be the best in his career. Considering the kind of rare fossils he has found so far during his hunt for dinosaurs in the badlands of Alberta, his best must be really special.

It really is. The simple reason is that this is the very first time a baby of such species is found in a near-complete condition anywhere in the world. There have 150 years of digging at the Dinosaur Provincial Park itself.

Mr Currie is the Canada Research Chair in Dinosaur Paleobiology in the Department of Biological Sciences. He said that he was excited about the new-found baby. He called it a 'super specimen' and said that he was lucky to be the chosen one to be responsible for the find. He emphasised that it was the best find in his career.

The Chasmosaurus happened to be a dinosaur species that had horns. Those were very common in the badlands of Alberta once upon a time. The species was related to the Triceratops. According to Mr Currie's estimations, the 1.5 metre-long baby which is in a fossilised condition might have been three years old at the time of death, Phys.org reports. The baby dinosaur might have died about 72 million years ago due to drowning.

Even though Mr Currie discovered the specimen in 2010, it took him another three years before it was ready to be shown to the world. There was an earlier confusion whether it was really a horned dinosaur or a turtle. Even though the fossil is almost complete, the arms of the baby dinosaur are missing.

People will have the opportunity to see the baby Chasmosaurus in January 2014. The new classes of Dino 101, a hugely popular open online course supervised by Mr Currie, will feature the baby dino in its course material.

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