iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C: Top 30 Tips and Tricks You Should Know About Your Device

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By Ryan Inoyori | October 9, 2013 5:50 PM EST

Apple released the most powerful iPhone ever for 2013 and it is packed with iOS 7 features plus super-fast processor. Know the tips and tricks hidden inside the device that you should know about.


1.      Photo Sharing
Tap multiple images inside the gallery and share them all at the same time by simply using the iCloud Photo Sharing service.

2.      Panorama Effect

Use the camera app to capture a wider image by swiping left to right or vice versa and create the Panorama image. Simply tap the arrow for switching direction.

3.      Burst Mode
Shoot multiple images in action at once. Hold down the button to snap 10 photos per second with real-time analytic suggestions for the best captures.

Swipe Gesture

4.      Quick Email Deletion
No need to tap or press anything to delete emails. Simply swipe from right to left on messages inside your inbox to quickly erase them.

5.      Easy Email Access
Swipe from left to right from the edge of your display screen and access your email instantly.

6.      Spotlight Search
If you want to access Spotlight search easily, swipe down anywhere on your home screen and then type in what you're looking for to quickly find it on your device.


7.      Timestamps
Quickly view timestamps of your FaceTime messages by touching and dragging message bubbles to the left.

8.      Weather
Pinching gestures will allow you to see the collapsed view of all your locations. For re-ordering locations, drag them where you desire and swipe from right to left on a location to delete it.

9.      FaceTime Audio
Make audio-only FaceTime calls by tapping the phone icon on your contact's card in the FaceTime section.


10.  Quick Route
Drop a pin on the location you have selected so you can get turn-by-turn directions to that place almost instantly by using the Quick Route button right next to the location's name.

11.  Flyover
Use the Flyover feature by tapping the 3D icon to explore selected cities from the air. Try gestures such as zoom, pan and rotate around landmarks.

12.  Tilting and Rotating
Two fingers will allow you to tilt or rotate the view while keeping names of the streets and places where they belong - easier to read without getting lost.

13.  Pin Sharing
Using the Maps, you can drop a pin on a location you want to share then tap the pin and select Share. Pinned locations can be shared using AirDrop, Messages, Mail, Twitter or FaceBook.


14.  Who is That?
Command Siri by telling about your relationships such as "Erin is my wife" or "Rick is my dad." Then, you can now say "text my dad" or "call my wife" as Siri knows already what you mean.

15.  Setting Locations
Siri can recognise when you should leave or arrive at certain places if you input details in Contacts. Enter your home and work addresses you that Siri can remind you.

16.  Modify Siri Pronunciation
Correct Siri if you have to and that includes pronunciation. If Siri mispronounces a name, simply say "that's not how you pronounce that." Siri will ask the correct way of pronunciation by saying it in three different ways.


17.  New Views
View the Calendar by list, day or month and switching landscape will display the full five days.

18.  Swipe Gestures
Tap the month name in the left corner to change month or year view. In the Day view, swipe the week bar to jump to the top of days in the next or previous week.

19.  Specific Events
Use the search icon for a list view of every event in your calendar.


20.  Creating Playlists and Radio Stations
In the Music app, tap Playlists and then Add Playlist and rename it. Now, tap any song or video to add it on the chosen playlist. You can add songs, albums or artist to playlists. In Radio app, go to your My Stations and click edit to add or remove stations.

21.  Musical Landscape
Switch to landscape mode on your Music app and view album covers in mosaic. Tthen, swipe to scroll, pinch to zoom or tap to play.

Safari Browser

22.  Single Sign In
Under the Settings, sign in once and send tweets to Twitter or update status on Facebook from Safari, Photos, Camera and Maps. Alternatively, you can use Siri to do it for you.

23.  Web Clips
Quickly visit your favourite Web sites using Web clips right on your home screen. To create Web clips, visit a Web site, tap the Share button and then select "Add to Home Screen."

AirPlay Feature

24.  Live Broadcast
When connected to a Wi-Fi network, use the AirPlay Mirroring to share exact contents of your iPhone to HDT which is currently connected to an Apple TV. Use the Control Centre by swiping up, tap AirPlay and select the TV unit.

25.  Wireless Printing
AirPrint allows you to print contents of your iPhone such as Web pages, emails, images or documents. Simply use the Reply button on your email or Share for other contents and then Print to a compatible printer with AirPrint feature.

Other Tips and Tricks

26.  Battery Saving Mode
Disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, mobile data, ring and vibrate, auto-brightness and fetch new data to extend battery life on your iPhone.

27.  Music Timer

For music lovers who want to sleep with audio background, use the timer to automatically turn off the music player instead of switching off the iPhone. Tap Clock > Timer > When Timer Ends > Stop Playing > Set Timer > Start.

28.  Headphone Photo Capture
Use your headphone to shoot images right on your iPhone by simply pressing the volume controls. Triggering the volume controls automatically makes a snapshot on your iPhone camera.

29.  Undo and Redo
Shake the iPhone to undo or redo words on your messaging draft area so that you'll never have to type again or erase one by one in case you change your mind.

30.  Filter Groups
If you use the "Do Not Disturb" feature on your iPhone, you can still receive notifications and alerts from selected people instead of completely blocking everyone out. Click here for the detailed instructions.

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