Awesome Synergy Between Australian Surfer and Dolphin Captured Forever on Photo

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By Esther Tanquintic-Misa | September 27, 2013 1:16 PM EST

Capturing pics of surfers riding the perfect waves has always been a staple among most photographers. They just have to wait for the perfect wave to come up. But imagine the double fun when a dolphin gets into the fray with the surfer and the perfect wave. Matt Hutton was there at the right moment, and what a beauty his photograph of all three elements turned out to be.

Awesome synergy between Australian surfer and dolphin captured forever on photo (Matt Hutton Photography)

Mr Hutton, who was in Perth, Western Australia for some R and R, decided to make a stopover in Kalbarri beach for a few days to try his luck on surf photography with the help of some newly purchased lenses. Australian surfer Trent Sherborne, meantime, just plainly wanted the wave all to himself.

It was Mr Hutton's last day of experimenting with his new gadgets. He'd been shooting for a few hours when the unexpected happened.

"After an hour of shooting a pod of dolphins started to follow the surfers in on the big waves," Mr Hutton said.

"I was getting some great photos of Trent Sherborne surfing this awesome wave, when a pod of dolphins decided to join him."

Mr Sherborne, according to the self-taught photographer from Wickham, seemed to be the only surfer the friendly dolphins took a fancy on to race with. Mr Hutton said the surfer shared the waves not just with one but two acrobatic dolphins.

"He was a lucky surfer to not only ride one wave but two with these dolphins," Mr Hutton said. "I was watching for about two hours and he was the only one that I saw that managed to get a nice wave with the dolphins breaching," he added.

Awesome synergy between Australian surfer and dolphin captured forever on photo (Matt Hutton Photography)

What's even doubly lucky for Mr Hutton was that earlier while asking locals about dolphin sightings, he was told they come in rare.

"One photographer said that he had been there hundreds of times but only seen dolphins on a few occasions."

Mr Sherborne, obviously shocked with his surfing encounter, just couldn't also shake off the wonderful feeling.

"Mate, that's a sick shot and it's me on that wave with the dolphin! I remember that wave clearly - obviously you don't get to eyeball a dolphin like that every day!," Mr Sherborne wrote on Mr Hutton's page when the latter downloaded and shared the photo for the world to see.

"I took the opportunity to try to capture some amazing photos, which I think I was lucky enough to do," Mr Hutton said.

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