PS4 News: Possible Earlier October Launch with 2 Game Titles, Watch Dogs and Beyond: Two Souls

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By Gilda Galang | April 23, 2013 2:17 PM EST

Almost everyone's ready for the next-gen console releases, slated for somewhere around November and in time for the holidays, but it seems that one console may be looking for an earlier release.

This comes from a supposed message in one of Naughty Dog, developer of the likes of Uncharted, has left in-game. What is noticeable is the date "October 17, 2013" n the US format, tagged with the words "Mandatory Evacuation Notice," reports Expert Reviews.

This has not yet been confirmed by Sony, and considering how the company has been keeping the details of the reveal and release dates of its PS4 console close to the chest, it will probably remain a speculation.

At least until the also-speculated May event, wherein both top competitors, Sony and Microsoft, will hold separate events, which many are expecting to be the public reveal of the consoles.

For the mean time, what is sure with Sony is that its release window is scheduled for a pre-Christmas launch, potentially at the same time as Microsoft. But if this bit of speculation has a grain of truth, it might help the PS4 next-gen console in terms of its US distribution, if it gets released earlier than the competition.

Watch Dogs: What to expect for PS4

Among the many confirmed games for the next-gen consoles PS4 and Xbox 720 is Watch Dogs from developer Ubisoft Montreal.

With the improvements and advanced features of the PS4, it seems that the game developers are also gearing up for a lot of new experiences for gamers once they get their hands on the game.

"When the PS4 showed up, it did bring new possibilities to improve graphics and every AI systems we have," said Jonathan Morin, creative director for Watch Dogs, to PSX Extreme. "But in the same way we did for four years already, we will continue to look beyond what is possible to achieve, in order to bring this little something extra out there for players to enjoy."

So what extras can gamers officially expect? As per Morin, there will be more AI behaviors, consequences that reflect real-life tendencies depending on your decisions, and better visuals, according to PSX Extreme.

This is especially pronounced with the delivery of a more powerful processor and bigger memory for the console. And with the company's investment in the game in terms of its manpower, you can almost see what Watch Dogs will be like on the next-gen console-an experience that's worth the console itself.

Going to the PS4? Quantic Dream's Beyond: Two Souls

Quantic Dream has been deep in production for its next release, Beyond: Two Souls, and while it has already been announced for the PS3, there has been no official word yet on any PS4 ports.

"We've started to work on the pre-production of that new game since the middle of last year," said vice president Guillaume de Fondaumière to EuroGamer.

Anything more than hat has been known or reported, but to avoid gamers' speculations on the game, Video Gamer reports that, when asked about the future of Beyond for the PS4, de Fondaumière  already said, "That's not been decided yet."

However, this does not convey anything definitive, but, also considering his statement on a PS4 game being in production unlike what will be released on the PS3, it remains possible that a PS4 Beyond version is in the works, and one that will not be the same as its PS3 counterpart.

Aside from the birth of new-generation graphics, it may also spur on the development of games that are console-specific not just n the hardware, but also in the game itself. Here's to waiting for the release of Beyond: Two Souls.

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