Who Are The 10 Republicans Who Opposed Paul Ryan's 2014 Budget And Why?

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March 22, 2013 4:33 AM EST

Ten Republican congressmen broke ranks with their party Thursday to side with Democrats in the House to oppose Paul Ryan’s 2014 budget blueprint.

The Budget Committee chairman's plan barely made it through the House on a 221 to 207 vote and is expected to fail in the Democratic-led Senate.

Here’s what some of the Republicans who voted against the Ryan plan – whose "voucherizing" of Medicare and tax cuts for the rich were rejected by a majority of Americans in the 2012 election – had to say:

- Joe Heck of Nevada: “There is a dire need for us to reduce spending, address the major drivers of our debt, and grow the economy by balancing the budget. I have voted to reduce spending, I have voted to repeal and replace Obamacare, and I have co-sponsored and voted for a Balanced Budget Amendment. But the policy proposals contained in this non-binding resolution indicate the priorities of this budget, and when those proposals disproportionately affect our state, my vote indicates my priority and that priority is Nevada.”

- Tom Massie of Kentucky: “The federal government’s spending is out of control, and this plan actually increases spending. Paul Ryan’s proposed House budget would increase government spending at nearly twice the rate of inflation. Our country is deep in debt, and it is irresponsible to increase spending at this rate. … I came to Washington to reduce the excessive spending of government, not to increase it. Congress has the power of the purse but refuses to spend responsibly. In the past three weeks, House members voted to continue funding Obamacare, and voted for three separate spending bills that will increase our national debt. If congressmen would just vote according to their campaign promises, we could fix the spending problem before it's too late.”

- Paul Broun of Georgia: In an op-ed published in The New York Times earlier this week, Broun wrote that Ryan’s budget is “anything but” “The Path to Prosperity” as it is titled.  “It fails to seriously address runaway government spending, the most pressing problem facing our nation. I cannot vote for something that would trick the American people into thinking that Congress is fixing Washington’s spending problem, when in actuality we’d just be allowing it to continue without end. Supporters of the 'Path to Prosperity,' including many of my fellow Republicans, say that we have to stop spending money we don’t have, an idea I promote every chance I get. But under the proposal by Mr. Ryan of Wisconsin, the chairman of the House Budget Committee, the federal government would continue to spend more than it will this year.”

- Phil Gingrey of Georgia: “As we mark the third anniversary of the health care law, small business owners, families and patients are beginning to feel its impact. Obamacare is bad fiscal policy, a nightmare for patients, and a drag on the economy. Based on this grim reality, I have opposed the continuing resolution because it does not defund Obamacare and – consistent with this position – I voted against the Ryan budget because it left the enormous Obamacare taxes in place.”

Other Republicans who opposed Ryan’s budget were Reps. David McKinley of West Virginia, Justin Amash of Michigan,  Rick Crawford of Arkansas, Randy Forbes of Virginia, Chris Gibson of New York and Walter Jones of North Carolina.

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