Grey's Anatomy Season 9: Calzona, Crowen, Karev-Wilson Updates, Speculations

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By Arlene Paredes | February 15, 2013 1:24 PM EST

Grey's Anatomy Season 9, Episode 15 is called "Hard Bargain." In this episode, doctors continue to struggle with imminent changes to Seattle Grace Mercy West and their personal lives. Calzona's Callie Torres left a game-changing question in the previous episode. Fans are about see the response of other doctors, including Crowen couple Owen Hunt and Cristina Yang.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoilers for those who have not seen last week's "The Face of Change" episode. Read at your own risk.

Changes are inevitable at Seattle Grace. At least three Grey's couples are on the doorstep of huge transitions, and their stories will peak as Grey's Anatomy Season 9 nears the finale.

Calzona: Fighting, changing for the better

Arizona Robbins successfully pulled an adolescent patient out of her dark misery. Robbins showed the teen that her having an artificial leg does not end her life. This shows how far away Robbins has gone since sitting miserably in a pool of her own pee a couple of episodes back. The storm has passed.

Callie has proposed for the victims of the plane crash to buy the hospital with Seattle Grace's settlement pay. It was a radical character move, but not entirely unexpected. After dealing with her wife's depression and the death of her best friend, Callie is back in fighting form. She was not going to let Seattle Grace lose its identity and history.

Karev and Wilson: 'The ground has shifted'

Alex Karev on the voice-over last week hinted one thing: his relationship with intern Jo Wilson is going to move in a new romantic direction. Last week, Meredith Grey saw a beautiful dynamic between the two. Mer, who absolutely loves Karev like a brother, wants the poor crazy girl magnet to be happy. So she pointed out to him that Wilson could have kicked Medusa's ass for him. They couldn't be "just friends." Now Karev is beginning to see things differently.

It is good to see Wilson's character growing up, even taking on Meredith when she thought she could ruin Karev's plans. Now that she's done with self-pity and drama, she's more relatable and likeable than ever.

Crowen: Stronger, more romantic, and more loving post-divorce

Hunt and Yang are on opposite sides of the lawsuit that is about to change the history of Seattle Grace. But they're a formidable team at the center of all the chaos. When Yang broke another hospital rule, Hunt didn't freak out. No more shouting about betrayal and respect. Only mutual understanding of what's right. This shows just how far better their relationship is after their divorce.

But how long could this Crowen "loving peace" last? He still wants kids. She's still not inclined to being a mom. For now, what they know is that they are together. And it's all that counts.


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