'Newborn 13-Year-Old' Latrell Higgins Baby Pictures Go Viral [PHOTO]

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By IBTimes Staff Reporter | February 15, 2013 5:40 AM EST

As an adopted son, Latrell Higgins never had any pictures taken as a newborn, so the 13-year-old opted for the next best thing: having his adoptive mother and professional photographer, Kelli Higgins, snap shots of him in newborn poses.

Now the creative 13-year-old has gone viral, with the photos of Latrell going viral. More than 11,000 Facebook users liked the newborn photo shoot, which has also been shared roughly 5,000 since Higgins posted the pictures Jan. 29.

Higgins, who owns her own photography studio, explained how the so-called “13-year-old newborn” came to life.

“So today the Higgins family were sitting around the dinner table talking about anything and everything and the subject of newborn photography came up... my 13 year old adopted son announced that he wished he had newborn Photos of himself! My funny 12 year old daughter thought it would be brilliant if we "recreated" the shoot with our now 13 year old son!” she wrote on the Kelli Higgins Photography Facebook page. “We all started laughing at the idea of Latrell in all those cute newborn poses.... so tomorrow that is exactly what we are going to do!! Lol!!!!”

After some editing, Kelli posted the a photo containing three images of the “13-year-old newborn” on the page.

“Here's my sweet not so little Newborn! His name is Latrell and weighs 112lbs ;),” she quipped.

Facebook users gushed over the photos, which include Latrell sleeping like a baby.

“This is just wonderful....feeling the love in this family!!!” commented Dorothy Lee.

“Your son is just gorgeous... wishing much happiness and many more years of love for your family!” said Rae Harvey.

“Love this! Latrell is lucky to have you and you are lucky to have Latrell!” added Nancy Jordan.

Higgins said she was humbled by all the responses, which numbered in the thousands.

“I am completely humbled this morning after realizing my ‘newborn shoot’ with my adopted son Latrell has been shared so many times! I have been reading all the comments by people who don't know Latrell and myself and I've been laughing and crying all at the same time,” she wrote. “I feel this has been such a fun way to spread the word about adopting older children and that they really are just "big babies" needing a mothers love. We are never too old to desire love and security and parents!! Thank you all for your sweet loving messages and comments and thank you for sharing my photo.” 

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