UFO Sighting, Australia: Close-up Footage Convinces Viewers [VIDEO]

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By Arlene Paredes | January 29, 2013 11:58 AM EST

An unidentified flying object (UFO) was filmed in Australia, impressing some UFO watchers with the clarity of the capture.

YouTube user LostTreasureComAU called his video, "UFO Hunting - AUSTRALIA - Sunset UFO Flying Across Sky." The man who captured the video seems to have set up his video in his backyard. Narrating what he was seeing, the man said the strange flying object appears to be moving up and down. He notes it couldn't have been a regular plane. He also tried to zoom in as close as he could. The image showed an imperfect round shape, with corners and edges making a pale hexagon in the early evening sky. The video clip ends when the bright flying object has disappeared into the sky.

The UFO video may have convinced some viewers, but some YouTube users pointed out it could be a satellite. Here are some of the posted comments:

Looks like a ufo to me! Thanks for sharing. - Janelle Turpin

I think you filmed the ISS...... - Yorgos Kairis

Reacting to comments, LostTreasureComAU wrote, "It could be a satellite, I am unsure."

Scroll down to see the video for yourself.

VIDEO: 'Sunset UFO' Australia

Over a week ago, YouTube user HawkkeyDavisChannel uploaded another UFO sighting video also filmed in Australia. The video, titled "Classic Shaped UFOs During Extreme Weather, Australia January 2013," showed a footage of an aircraft whizzing over bushfires. Some viewers argued the "UFO" could be an accompanying craft to a chopper pouring down water to the bushfires. Watch the video here.

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