Nokia Plans to Replace Lumia 920 with Aluminium-Covered ‘Catwalk’

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January 4, 2013 2:24 PM EST

Per reports by The Verge, Nokia is lining up the Catwalk as its replacement for the relatively successful Lumia 920. Citing its unnamed source, the tech site indicated on its report that the new Nokia handset will be wrapped in aluminium casing, likely making it thinner and lighter.

While Nokia will not entirely abandon its preference for polycarbonate body, which The Verge said will be the prime covering material for new Lumia phones to come out this year, the Catwalk's body design will be centred on a new aluminium-built.

That would leave the upcoming Nokia phone equally desirable with the best and slim smartphone out there. The Finnish firm must have been listening intently as tech experts generally praised the Lumia 920 but bemoaned its bulky housing.

It highly likely that the Catwalk will debut in late 2013, joining the new smartphone releases that are anticipated to come out this year. Samsung is believed to push out the Galaxy S4 between April and May while HTC is reportedly eyeing a Q1 2013 rollout for its M7 handset.

Both Android gadgets are expected to sport higher hardware specs and should be ready to easily absorb Key Lime Pie, the Android 5.0 version that Google will likely deploy between May and June this year.

Another competition is Apple's iPhone 5S, which analysts said will hit the market in advance, possibly in June. Expectedly, Apple will pack its new handset with all the attractive upgrades.

As for Nokia's Catwalk offering, apart from making it sexier and lighter when compared to the Lumia 920, not much would be tweaked on its hardware side, The Verge said. But fans would love to see Nokia ramping up the Catwalk's PureView technology, which is one of the main attributes that lured hordes of buyers to the 920.

Gizmodo tried getting a statement from Nokia about the Catwalk news but the company simply replied that "per company policy, we don't comment on market rumours or speculations."

The thought, however, of owning sleeker WP8 phones this year seemed to generate fair amounts of excitement among Gizmodo forum members.

One comment said that lighter Nokia phones on Windows would likely bolster sales while another hope that the migration to aluminium would still leave the Catwalk a solidly built phone like that of the Lumia 920.

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