Kim Kardashian Nude Photo Leaks As Rumors Spread About Show With Kanye West [NSFW]

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By IBTimes Staff Reporter | April 27, 2012 4:51 AM EST

A new nude photo of Kim Kardashian has leaked out just as the Kardashian clan signed a new contract with E!, the terms of which are leading some to wonder whether a Kanye West collab may be coming soon.

Kim Kardashian launched her career with a "leaked" sex tape, but she clearly hasn't progressed much, because a new nude photo allegedly of her leaked today on [NSFW]. To say nothing of the rumors of her and Kanye West, who may or may not be dating, getting a show together on E! – all of which may make Kris Humphries, who's looking to prove that their marriage was loveless for his divorce proceedings with Kim, very happy.

The photo appears to be from a different time – a pre-silicone time, perhaps – and features the starlet breaking an egg into a pan in what looks like an unrenovated kitchen. Her nipples are covered by stars and her nether regions are not showing, but the photo is still quite suggestive.

The photo was posted as news hit, according to TMZ, that the Kardashians signed a $40 million, three-year deal with E! for their various shows, which will now air until 2015. According to TMZ's sources, "Kim, Kourtney, Khloé, Kris and Bruce will get the lion's share of the money," which will be split evenly among them, with "Kendall, Kylie and Rob [...] on a lower pay grade." Scott Disick and his son Mason have a separate deal, along with Lamar.

"We're told the new deal ONLY includes existing shows," TMZ continued, "so if Kim and Kanye get a new spinoff show [...] they will have to bang out a new contract for even MORE money."

Wayminute – back up! The clause about Kim and Kanye needing to hammer out a new arrangement makes you wonder: Are they planning on getting a show together? They're both renowned famewhores, and some even claim that their new relationship is entirely for show. If they're relationship is for show, it's really not a stretch to imagine them getting an actual show.

At least, that's the skinny at Hollywood Life, which is claiming to have a source saying that the two are only using each other for sex and fame. In other words: Kimye, but not for love?

"If they are in the same area, they are going to hook up," the source told the esteemable gossip rag, Hollywood Life, about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. "But they are not going to take the relationship to the next level and become exclusive with each other."

"They are equally using each other to expand their own personal interests/brands rather than fall in love," the source concluded.

Kris Humphries, whose 72-day marriage with Kim Kardashian famously imploded on TV, seems pretty happy about the relationship.

"The crux of Kris [Humphries]' case for annulment is that Kim married him under fraudulent pretenses and did it for her reality show," an insider told Radar Online. "Team Humphries wants to know if producers of the Kardashian reality shows were in contact with Kanye West prior to the new couple dating or going public with their relationship and what those conversations consisted of."

Sounds about right to us. It's been a few months since the outrage and publicity surrounding Kim Kardashian's divorce from Kris Humphries, and she's just about due for another romantic entanglement!

And, it should go without saying, they do appear to be availing themselves of each other, sexually. Rumor is that two photos featured on MediaTakeOut three weeks ago were of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. The first shows a mid-action shot of a man, who MediaTakeOut claims is Kanye West, engaging in sodomitical relations with a large-bottomed woman, who many are speculating is none other than Kim K. herself. The second picture is a tighter but no less graphic shot, again depicting posterior insertion.

So then what is Kim doing introducing Kanye to her parents?! The two were spotted dining with the rest of the Kardashian clan at the Spice Market, a trendy restaurant in New York's Meatpacking District.

TMZ said that "Kanye and Kim were excited for the family gathering and the opportunity to show them just how great they are together" and that "the meeting went great, and the family thinks they make the perfect couple."

Given that the Kardashian family – and especially Kris, the mama bear – are so intimately involved in Kim's professional life, could the meeting have actually been a try-out for a new show?

Only time will tell, but it's looking pretty likely to us!

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