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Kiwis launch first jetpack for $100000

By Evelyn Gan
12 March 2010 @ 02:16 pm AEST

The Martin Aircraft Company's launch of the world's first commercially available jetpack takes the world by storm with its uniqueness. It consists of two carbon-fibre and Kevlar composite propellers and what makes it special it that it can fly for 30 minutes.

Producing 600 pounds of upwards thrust to reach top speeds of 60 miles per hour, this puts the pack at a max range of 30 miles per tank, so there's plenty of room to get from Greenwich to Hyde Park -- and at a flight height of up to 1.5 miles you won't be bumping your bottom on the Gherkin. Also, unlike previous packs, this one doesn't run on hydrogen peroxide (the stuff you dye your hair with), utilising a 19l tank of everyday petrol to get you from A to B.

Martin Aircraft Company sales target is 500 jetpacks annually at a price of about $100, 000 per unit. This is made possible through a partnership with an unnamed international aircraft company.

The dual-propeller packs come from the mind of Glenn Martin, who's been working on the concept since 1981. It wasn't until 2005 that his ninth prototype achieved sustained flight times, resulting in the product's commercialisation today.

It might look a little cumbersome, and stretch the definition of 'pack' (are you strapping it on, or strapping yourself in?) but Martin's jetpack shows us where previous inventors might have been going wrong, finally taking the concept out of science-fiction and slap bang into our skyline. Best still, you won’t need a pilot’s license but of course some training by the Martin Aircraft Company first.

Source: cnet

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