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Gadget of the Future: HoloAD 3D Holographic Display

15 January 2010 @ 12:04 am AEST

In the CES trade show and Hologram Display Exhibition in Taiwan, Innovision Inc has created a technology that can display 180 degree 3D holographic displays project from a small device similar to that of a futuristic film in Star Trek.

Using a specially designed case the HoloAD technology uses three different images which are projected to a centre point. HoloAD displays work by using a set of three independent images, projected onto the trapezoidal sides of a see-through glass pyramid (the back side is flat), so you can walk 180-degrees around the projection.

The result is an image that looks like an animated, full-color hologram. In addition, the display units can hold an actual object under the glass, and can be made to look like that object is the originating source of the 3D projection. Just load up the properly prepared FLV video footage onto a USB storage stick, and the HoloAD unit does the rest.

The advertising potential for HoloAD 3D technology is fantastic and projecting the images above the devices really will catch the eyes of many users and will change the mobile industrial in the near future.

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