Arsenal Of Explosives, Sydney Bomb Maps Are Not Related To Terrorism – Police Say

  @AringoYenko on August 21 2014 9:38 AM

NSW Police ruled out fears of terrorism in relation to the discovery of arsenal of explosives and drawn maps of Sydney and Newcastle in a Pullenvale property in Brisbane.

The house where the explosives and maps were found was rented by Daniel Fing who was jailed over a 2006 car bombing in Newcastle.

The police found explosive chemicals such as DMDT, HMDT and TATP. DMDT is the chemical used during the 2005 London Bombings; it is also the chemical used by Fing when he firebombed an enemy's car back in 2006.

One map found has an A4 sheet with words "George Street" and uniform written on it. According to police, the words refer to a uniform shop located at CBD street.

The other map has the words "bridge," "brothel," and "grave" written on it. These could refer to Sandgate on the outskirts of Newcastle where the Sandgate Road bridge that crosses the rail line, Sandgate Cemetery and the brothel A1 Temptations were to be found.

Upon the discovery of the explosives, the police locked down the road and conducted 17 controlled explosions.

On Wednesday, a team from the Australian Defence Force had already come to the scene but refused to comment to media. They went with sniffer dogs and left shortly before noon after three hours of investigation.

Commercial waste contractors arrived after the ADF team. The contractors loaded chemicals in barrels and then took the barrels out from the house.

Speaking with ABC Radio, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said that he was not aware of any terrorist threats targeting Brisbane, nor any attack related to November's G20 summit of world leaders to be held in Brisbane.

"There are all sorts of people who do all sorts of weird and, at times, pretty dangerous things. But I haven't been advised of any potential terrorist threat in respect of this particular issue," Mr Abbott said.

He praised the Queensland police for their immediate response to the matter and said that such security is needed in the lead up to G20.

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