'Arrow' Season 2: Stephen Amell Says 'It's a New Series,' Expect Black Canary and Speedy in Costumes? [PHOTOS]

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"Arrow" Season 2 will feel like it's a new series, says its lead actor Stephen Amell aka Oliver Queen. It will be the chapter to launch Laurel's journey as Black Canary. Perhaps Speedy will be donning a costume, too. But how does it begin after the chaotic finale that claimed the life of the lead character's best friend?

"They pitched to me where the first scene of Season 2 takes place, and my hope is that because we find everybody in a different spot, and Oliver basically with no desire to be the vigilante at this point ... it'll be our second season, but almost like a new series," Amell said during The CW Upfronts 2013.

Amell recently landed on entertainment headlines for officially rejecting the role of Christian Grey in the "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie. Amell never confirmed he has been approached to play the sex demigod billionaire in the erotic series of E.L. James. But he said he has read the book, and he's not playing Mr Grey.

The finale of Arrow Season 1 is a heart-stopper in many points throughout the episode. The death of Tommy (Colin Donnell) was one of the most difficult to watch. Tommy and Oliver have been best friends since childhood. How did Amell approach the emotional "bromance" scene?

"It was really sad. It was really nerve-wracking because, to my mind, I wanted to give a performance that would honor the character and honor [Colin] as my friend," Amell said.

Katie Cassidy, who plays Laurel, was also at the Upfronts to dish some Arrow Season 2 scoop. "(Laurel)'s becoming stronger and she's driven and very independent," she said. "But she's starting to stand up for what she believes in and maybe not always go through justice...hopefully season two she sort of going to be evolving into Black Canary."

Although Black Canary and Green Arrow got married in the DC Comics, many "Arrow" viewers are shipping Oliver Queen with Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards). Amell said, "I want us to keep working together. I want people to keep enjoying it." It's not a no, not a yes, not a maybe - definitely something Arrow fans would be following.

Roy Harper, who is Oliver Queen's teenage sidekick "Speedy" in the comics version, is widely hoped to be in the core of Oliver's team next season. Colton Haynes told Us Weekly, "I think that's obviously where it's heading. Whether or not that's going to happen right away, I'm not quite sure. I think they're toying with the idea of making him wait a bit." With that, Arrow fans are likely to see a lot more action when The CW series returns later this year.

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