Arrow Season 2 Spoilers: Stephen Amell, More DC Heroes, Manu Bennett; More Action in 'All-Hunks' TV [PHOTOS]

Black Canary, Speedy, Other DC Heroes Coming to Join Green Arrow?


Arrow Season 2 is not going to dial down on action scenes after Tommy's death. Things will start a bit slow for Stephen Amell's grieving Oliver Queen, but he will get back on track soon enough. New series regulars Manu Bennett and Colton Haynes will have more scenes to delight the fans. It's turning out to be an all-hunks season with a promise of seeing "a lot of comic book characters."

Fans can catch the cast of Arrow in this years international comic-con in San Diego (SDCC). The cast will answer questions about the future of the series. The TV journey of Oliver Queen from the Hood Guy to Arrow to Green Arrow will be filled with surprises, as what happened Arrow Season 1.

David Ramsey's Diggle is expected to help the Hood in a very difficult time of grieving when Arrow Season 2 begins. Paul Blackthorne's Quentin Lance will have some life and career re-evaluation to do. He's certainly seeing the Hood Guy in a whole new way now. It is not clear whether there'd be more of John Barrowman's Malcolm Merlyn. Oliver tells his dying best friend he did not kill his father, but dad Merlyn seems to have met his end, anyway.

From a recurring flashback role, Manu Bennett's regular cast status promotion promises extra action-packed scenes with Slade Wilson. The same goes with Colton Haynes, whose Roy Harper character is already showing signs of heroism in a chaotic time. So much is going on for the 'Arrow' hunks, as if Amell's abs are not enough. On a serious note, what excites DC Comics fans is the hinted arrival of more DC heroes in the series.

In an interview, Stephen has said he is thrilled in anticipation of the Arrow treatment for other DC  Heroes. He also said earlier that viewers will see a different show in Oliver Queen's second year in his save-Starling-City biz. In a separate interview, Colton told MTV what fans can expect in Season 2.

"You're going to see a lot of comic book characters that people love coming into this world on 'Arrow,'" Haynes said.

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