Arnold Schwarzenegger Exchange Shirtless Tweet Pics with Boxer-Actor

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If this isn't bro-mance, then what could this be about?

Ex-muscleman and Hollywood action star Arnold Schwarzenegger has been exchanging shirtless pictures over Twitter with Wladimir Klitschko, a boxer turned actor.

All the interesting exchanges started just last week when the 37-year-old Klitschko tweeted a photo showing him shirtless and imitating a throwback poster of Mr Schwarzenegger during his younger years. As tribute to his idol, the 6'6" Ukrainian actor flexed all his ideal muscles to the best he can. Flex to impress.

In Klitschko's caption under the picture, it was revealed that he's been idolizing Mr Schwarzenegger since he was 12. To this, the 'Terminator' actor replied with the exact message that says:

"Great shot! It's fantastic to see one of my favorite champions nailing my pose."

The 66-year-old Hollywood star also attached an image of himself, topless too and doing instead a Klitschko impression with the old posters of the former boxer. Mr Schwarzenegger proved that he still has not aged much with him showing off a well built body with those huge arms and of course, the hairy chest.

Klitschko has been romantically involved before with actress Hayden Panettiere. They got together for three years before deciding to part ways. They reportedly reunited last January but no reports have confirmed yet whether the two has been really engaged. The Nashville actress was seen wearing a big ring on her left hand's ring finger while at the LAX airport last August. The boxer who is now an actor has been following the footsteps of his idol Mr Schwarzenegger. He has been seen in four films which include 2001's 'Ocean's Eleven.' His most recent movie was with actors Mark Wahlberg along with Dwayne Johnson for 'Pain & Gain.' And of course, for some follow up to that exchange, they met for dinner.

Now with that bro-mance thing, we think it's just cute. Nothing else.

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