Arizona UFO Mass Sighting Reported to MUFON: ‘Did anyone else see it too?’

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A UFO mass sighting was reported Tuesday at the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). The witnesses were at Scottsdale, in Maricopa County, Arizona when they saw the strange-looking light hovering outside their home.

"The moon was so bright last night (Mon. Nov. 26th) as we will have a full moon Wednesday," the reporters said.

According to the witnesses, they saw "a very bright twinkling object that was just hovering." They had initially assumed the light was coming off a regular plane, "but it was just hovering and we didn't hear any sounds. We also considered it could be a blimp."

In reporting to MUFON, the witnesses hoped to find others who may have seen the same strange light on that Monday night.

"We took some video but without a powerful zoom it doesn't show what we saw thru binos. We were hoping someone at the Scottsdale Airpark or around Four Peaks has some better video," the report said.

A UFO sighting is typically reported by one or two persons but in this case, the MUFON report had six witnesses. The six were from a "family of three in Cave Creek and other family members in North Scottsdale."

Meanwhile, UFO Sightings Daily reported another strange cloud formation that appears to be concealing a flying object. The report is called: "UFO Cloaked As Cloud Caught Over New Zealand, Late Oct 2012."

"This was taken late October over the New Plymouth district, New Zealand... Jim Paxie took the shot... He says just above the first cloud was a very striking pink glow between the two layers...but this didn't really show on film," the image sender wrote to UFO Sightings Daily.

In response to the mail, web site owner and UFO watcher Scott Waring posted a comment about a "metallic ring UFO" that created "a cloud around itself to hide."

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