Ariana Grande’s ‘Problem’ Is A ‘IDGAF’ Song, Singer Thank Fans for Support [VIDEO]

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With new-found maturity and pop sensibility, pop princess Ariana Grande is ready to take on the world with her hot new single "Problem" from her still untitled second album.

On her recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the petite vocal diva discussed the mass appeal of her new single and revealed that it's not only girls who can relate to her song.

"Everybody has trouble with confidence these days," says the 20-year-old singer during an interview. "All these young girls hate themselves, and these women have horrible relationships with men. And men too! We all go through it. 'Problem' is such an IDGAF song that makes everybody feel great."

To save you time for typing the meaning of IDGAF, it means "I don't give a f**k." For many of Ariana's fans, the highly-anticipated second album will have a different treatment from her last and just like the sound of "Problem" the new album is going to be shocking.

"I think everybody is going to be shocked. I tried so many new things. I feel like I reinvented without doing anything that's not genuine to who I am as a person," she explained. Thanks to the song's bumping sax beat, courtesy of Swedish hitmaker Max Martin, "Problem" stole the number one spot on iTunes for weeks and as of May 27, the track is currently in number three spot on the Billboard US Hot 100 chart.

A contender for the song of the summer title, the "Sam & Cat" star took a lot of risks for his new single and the result is astonishing as she tries to reinvent herself as a young adult artist and performer. Featuring Australian rapper Iggy Azalea and Big Sean, her new single is soaring high in the chart with 438,000 downloads in first week of release.

Splitting her busy schedules between music and family, Grande recently tweeted her fans and thanking them for their support and prayers for her grandfather. She tweeted: "love u guys so much! even when I'm quiet..... lots goin on w grandpa & thankful he's doing well. always thinking of u & working hard for u....can't wait for what's coming up...."

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