Ariana Grande's 'My Everything' Tops Billboard Chart

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Ariana Grande Bagged The Top Position As Well As Happy In Her New Love Life/ File Photo/REUTERS/Fred Thornhill
Ariana Grande clearly hinted that she is much happy in her new love life. File photo/REUTERS/Fred Thornhill . REUTERS/Fred Thornhill .

Ariana Grande's second album, 'My Everything', is an instant hit and has reached the number 1 position in the Billboard chart. This achievement has made the singer one of the leading musicians of her generation.

'My Everything' is the second consecutive album of Grande that reached the top slot. Her first album, 'Yours Truly', was also an instant hit and reached the same position last year. This feat has secured Grande's reputation as one of the top pop queens aligned with celebrities such as Beyoncé, Britney Spears and Norah Jones.

Her second album, which was released on August 25, has been received well by the music critics. As per Huffington Post, the singer is vouched as the next best thing in the music world. The record sale of 169,000 copies in its opening week is perceived as a guarantee of the singer's staying power in the music industry.

The singer has been constantly featured in the news after the release of her debut album in September 2013. Throughout the year, the singer dominated the music world through her chart busting singles. She is also one of the four women to have her three single numbers, 'Problem', 'Break Free' and 'Bang Bang', in the top ten at the same time.

After the success of her second album, Grande is now considered at par with topnotch singers in the industry. As reported by Vox, all five albums of Beyoncé have debuted at number 1 while six of Britney Spears' eight released album debuted and landed on the top spot. Norah Jones and Alicia Keys have three albums that debuted and ranked as number 1. With the success of her second album, Grande is now the latest entrant to this exclusive club.

Moreover, Grande is the first woman to debut with two different number 1 albums since 2010. The last singer who achieved such feat was Susan Boyle with albums 'Dreamed a Dream' released in 2009 and 'The Gift' which came out in 2010.

Apart from the abovementioned female musicians, other singers who achieved back to back number 1 albums are Justin Bieber, Jay Z, Luke Bryan and Lil Wayne.

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