Ariana Grande’s Big Brother Frankie to Enter the U.S. ‘Big Brother’ House [VIDEO]

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Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande performs during the MuchMusic Video Awards (MMVA) in Toronto, June 15, 2014. Reuters/Fred Thornhill

Ariana Grande’s big brother is entering the “Big Brother” house in the U.S. The former “Sam & Cat” star announced that her elder half-brother Frankie will be a houseguest in the upcoming 16th season of the reality show.

Frankie, 31, isn’t just Ariana’s brother. He is also a YouTube personality with over 180,000 subscribers. He is also a self-described “Actor/Singer/Dancer/Producer/Director/Host/Philanthropist/Person/Personality/YouTuber/Smiler/Belieber/Arianator.”

“I’ve always said I was funny and I should have my own reality show,” the flamboyant online personality told People magazine, explaining why he auditioned for the U.S. reality show.

“And then I thought, ‘Maybe I should be on somebody else’s show!’”

Although he shares a last name with his famous sister, Frankie is more worried that people would recognise him as a YouTube star.

“I don’t want people knowing I have an online following because it will put an unnecessary target on my back,” he said. “If there is an America’s Vote or America’s Player, they might assume that I will win it.”

Still, he would drop “Grande” from his name while in the house and just use his father’s last name of Marchione to conceal his connection to Ariana.

“I got to call Ariana on camera and tell her what I was doing and she just said, ‘I know how much you love the show. Go make them fall in love with you... but don’t show them all of you because a lot of people will hate you for that,’” Frankie recalled his sister’s words.

“We both get so much hate online but it is usually ourselves. I’m hoping there is more love than hate on me while I’m on the show because Ariana was like, ‘I’m going to kill myself if I have to read hate about you, too.’”

With Frankie about to enter the house, Ariana took over his Twitter account, telling his followers to support him.

Frankie will be competing against 16 other houseguests for the grand prize of U$500,000.

The 16th edition of “Big Brother” will premiere on June 25 on CBS.

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