Ariana Grande & Nathan Sykes Break-Up: 'The Wanted' Singer Jealous of Chris Brown & Ariana Sexy Pic Leak?

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Love is in the air for Ariana Grande and Chris Brown. But wait don't reach to any conclusions! The singers will be soon romancing each other on screen for their new duet "Don't be Gone Too Long". This is Ariana and Chris Brown first music video collaboration and from all the press it is getting, it will be a no surprise if it turns out to be the top chart buster of the year.

What has got the fans more interested in the song, ia Ariana and Chris Brown's intimate picture leak. The black and white picture shows the singers practicing cozy dance moves. Ariana is seen in a ballet style dance pose and is holding Chris Brown by the nape of his neck where as Chris Brown is holding Nathan Sykes ex-girlfriend from her left leg and is giving her support from the back.

For the alleged ballet practice session, Ariana is seen wearing a micro mini skirt and a skimpy top, whereas Brown is dressed in casuals with a hat on.

The black and white photo of Ariana and Chris Brown has gone viral after the 'Love More' posted it on his Instagram account. To create interest amidst the audience, the duo even shared mysterious tweets with each other.

"I dug a single seed into the ground, I hope it grows," tweeted Brown.


"In a year or two if you're around, you'll see a rose," replied Grande.  Giving hint about the release date of the song she further wrote, "@Abingdong a song u haven't heard that is coming out in March."


The duo looked quite comfortable in each other company's, enough to make Ariana's ex-boyfriend Nathan Sykes jealous.

Ariana and Nathan Sykes were one of the cutest couple till few months ago, when they suddenly pulled a plug on their relationship. The couple did not give any valid reasons for their break-up; however, the speculation is that the work pressure and long distance took a toll on their relationship.

Do you think Ariana and Chris Brown cozy picture will make Sykes go green with jealousy? Let us know your thoughts.

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