Ariana Grande Lets 'Arianators' Decide on New Single Cover

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Ariana Grande definitely takes her fans suggestions to heart. For her next single, the "Baby I" singer has asked her dedicated fans, the "Arianators," to pick one out of two photos to serve as its' cover. Check out the photos here and decide which one is worthy of being the next single cover.

The week has certainly been busy for the "Sam & Cat" star. Despite the news of her Nickelodeon show getting cancelled after its first season, Ariana Grande doesn't look the least bit depressed. In fact, she's busy now more than ever working on her second album following the success of "Yours Truly."

Even the alleged feud between her and co-star, Jennette McCurdy, hasn't gotten in the way of her album photo shoot and recording. As of the latest, Grande has been keeping her fans updated via her Instagram account. Last week, she posted a video of people dancing to her music with the audio obviously taken out - as to avoid possible leaks.

Aside from the video, Ari has also shared a number of sexy shots where she's perched on a motorcycle sucking on a lollipop. This is certainly a far cry from her sweet image but as they say everyone tries their hardest to grow up. Is she the Nickelodeon version of Miley Cyrus who ditched her Disney image, as reports claim?

On the other hand, despite the number of shoots done, it appears as if Ariana Grande has trouble picking out one photo for her next single cover. Thus, she's asked the help of her "Arianators" on Instagram.

"neither have been edited properly but I wanted to get your input on which cover y'all like better for my upcoming single... whatcha think? #coverproblem," wrote Ariana. Check out the post below.

Looking at the comments made on the photo, both photos are equal on the number of "likes." For "Arianators" who still haven't chosen a photo, vote via MTV's poll.

Following the success of "Yours Truly" five months ago where she reigned at the number one spot on Billboard Top 200, Ari is surely on her way to another success with her second album.

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