Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber Flirting with Each Other? [PHOTOS]

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There certainly is something fishy going on between Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. Aside from the Twitter photo of them sharing a smooch, the two singers have been awfully close these past days. Given the fact Ariana is the opening act for Justin Bieber's concerts, it's very possible they'd become more than friends. So, are the talks true that Justin and Ariana are flirting?

The "Jariana" tag is trending once more on Twitter. But it isn't Jai Brooks of "The Janoskians" that is involved. This time around it's Justin Bieber. Following the photo of Bieber kissing Grande on the cheek and Ariana's tell-all about the photo, fans were suspecting that something else is brewing between the two.

In the latest interview with Grande, the "Sam & Cat" star talked about Justin's "oh too sweet" messages to her late last year.

"Justin's the most famous contact I have in my phone. I felt so cool when he texted me. I didn't believe it was him at first. He wrote, 'What's up cutie?' and I dropped my phone and thought, 'That did not just happen'," stated Grande.

Obviously, before Scooter Braun even had an eye for Grande, his Canadian talent had her under his radar. "Beliebers" may recall that Justin complimented Ariana on one of her song covers, "Die in Your Arms," a year before.

"I did a cover of 'Die In Your Arms' and Justin tweeted it and said he liked it and that meant the world to me," Ariana said. "The fact that he did that means that he thinks I have some credibility as an artist. I'd love to work with him one day, I think he's adorable and amazing," Grande added.

Apparently, Grande did manage to work with Justin "one day." All thanks to Scooter Braun, Grande shared the stage with Justin Bieber as his opening act for the "Believe" tours. Given all their time together, would the text flirting lead to something more?

This doesn't look good for Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber's ex-girlfriend, who is allegedly still not over the "Baby" singer.

"Selena is still not over Justin, not even close. From what all her friends are saying, she's still majorly hung up on Justin," said the source.

Sorry for Selena but she'll just have to suck it up and see the "Jariana" couple do their thing.

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