Ariana Grande, Jai Brooks Back Together [PHOTOS]


Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks may have called it quits two months ago but several Twitpics and Instagram posts may say otherwise. A confirmation about the "Jariana" relationship isn't needed and judging from what Jai Brooks' twin brother, Luke Brooks, has to say, Ariana and Jai are off the market.

"The Janoskians" Australian star, Jai Brooks is finally back together with Nickelodeon star, Ariana Grande. The "Jariana" couple had formerly broken up due to distance constraints on the relationship.

"The distance played a major role as it was hard to maintain a relationship so far away. They remain close friends," says a representative to The Hot Hits.

However, despite the distance, the former lovers managed to reconcile. In a statement by Jai Brooks' twin brother, Luke Brooks, Ariana and Jai have constantly been seeing each other.

"No, he's still with her!" said Luke in an interview with MTV Australia, adding, "They're still together. They're still going strong. She still stole my twin brother away from me."

In fact, since the reconciliation, Jai Brooks has been quite supportive of Ariana Grande. On Twitter, Jai Brooks made sure Ariana's latest single, "The Way" made it to the top of the charts.

"Want my girlfriend to wake up really happy, so help me trend #TheWayMarch26 and I will follow you. :)" tweeted Jai Brooks.

Ariana Grande has also been one supportive and loving girlfriend to Jai. On Jai's birthday, the "Sam & Cat" star surprised her beau with a sloth.

"Im probably the only girl who would surprise her boyfriend with another girl for his birthday. This is Lola!!!" stated Grande along with a photo of her, Jai Brooks and an incredibly large, furry sloth.

Judging from Jai's tweet that night, the "Jariana" couple is going strong and "sloth"-ing will get in their way.

"When your girlfriend brings you a sloth to your party, that's when you know she's a keeper," stated Jai Brooks.

Check out the slideshow to see more photos of Jai Brooks and Ariana Grande.

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