Ariana Grande "Happy" With Big Sean

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Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande performs during the MuchMusic Video Awards (MMVA) in Toronto, June 15, 2014. Reuters/Fred Thornhill

Ariana Grande is still not sharing what she really has with Big Sean, but she has said that she's happy right now. Before she performed her hit singles, "Problem," Break Free" and "Bang Bang" on NBC's Today on Friday, she shared some details about her personal life with Matt Lauer. The latter was keen on asking about her love life.

E! Online reports that on Friday, Matt Lauer asked Grande if anyone has caught her attention in Hollywood, acting oblivious to the rumours between Ariana and Big Sean, to see if she would confirm that she is indeed dating the rapper. However, the young singer and former Nickelodeon's star returned the question to Matt, cheekily.  Matt said he's been married for15 years and Grande joked she is, too, even though it's a secret.

She did the same to Ryan Seacrest, refusing to answer the question. But Lauer was the not the one to give up, easily, and prompted Ariana to answer, truthfully.  She jokingly said that everyone is putting her on the spot but shared that she's indeed, happy.

After that, Lauer moved to other questions. He asked her about how she feels about her album "My Everything" topping the charts across 80 countries and how she stays grounded.

"I spend a lot of time with my family. I'm very grateful for my fans and everything. It's like a blessing," the singer said. "I think I just have to constantly remind myself how lucky I am to do what I love."

She also claimed that everything did not just fell in her lap. She had to work on her insecurities while growing up, with the help of her family. Her family continues to be the biggest strength for her even if she's already making it big in the industry.

"I feel like growing up everybody goes through the same sort of insecurities and things like that. My family really helped me through a lot of that. I know I say that just about with every answer, but staying close with my family and my friends, that really was the most helpful to me," Grande said. "It puts things in perspective. It reminds you of what's real and what's nonsense and what not to pay attention to."

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