Ariana Grande Flashes Side Boob: Is She on the Path of Becoming Nickelodeon's Version of Miley Cyrus?

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Is Ariana Grande on the path of becoming Nickelodeon version of Miley Cyrus? You may ask why. Well the 20-year-old has posed seductively on her Instagram account a few days ago in pictures which show a little bit of her side boob as she straddles a motorbike with a lollipop in her mouth. She looks every inch sexy and very appealing. However, fans who know the "Tattooed Heart" singer from "Sam& Cat" days know that this is very unlike Ariana.

The singer, who is known for her sweetness and girly look, suddenly seems all grown up with these pictures. Posing seductively is something that has taken Ariana's fans completely by surprise. Is her latest attempt to pose seductively mean that the Florida-based singer is trying to become an international pop star just like Miley Cyrus? Here are the reasons which may make her readers believe so.

Both Ariana and Miley started their careers with kid's channel. Miley started as "Hannah Montana" on Disney and Ariana too appeared as Cat Valentine on Nickelodeon. Just like Miley, she is trying to start her career as a solo artist and has come out with her first album "Yours Truly."

Miley has been quite keen on breaking her image as the sweet girl next door from Disney days and has done numerous antics to prove she is an adult now and should be taken seriously. Miley is very open about her sexuality and has posed provocatively in almost all her public appearances and awards show. She keeps posting her shower pictures on her Instagram and is very comfortable with her nudity.

Ariana on the other hand has just opened up to her Instagram fans and shared the flowing seductive pictures with the readers. Take a look at Miley's and Ariana's pictures below.

Just like Miley, Ariana too has expressed her love for her pet pooches and has at least two dogs. An Instagram shot of Ariana show her getting a big hug from one of the furry dogs. Check it out below.

Both Ariana and Miley are single. Miley broke up with Liam Hemsworth last year and Ariana is no longer seeing her ex-boyfriend Jai. With no major distractions in their personal lives, both Ariana and Miley are focusing on building their respective careers.

Ariana is good friends with Justin Bieber, whom Miley sees as a mentee. In her previous Interview, Miley said she feels like a mentor to Justin Bieber and is good friends with her. Ariana too has opened for Justin Bieber in his concerts and they are often pictured together.

Just like Miley, Ariana too has achieved great success with her singing skills and in fact enjoys more popularity that Miley. Ariana has also been touted as the next Mariah Carey of the music industry and her singing is taken quite seriously. She has still not used nudity to promote her music videos. But the way the things are going on with Ariana it would not come as a surprise if she does try to do something explicit in them. What are your views? Do you think Ariana will go Miley way or would she rather create a niche for herself?

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