Ariana Grande Defends Sexier Image and Gay Brother

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Ariana Grande Performs During the MuchMusic Video Awards (MMVA) in Toronto
Ariana Grande performs during the MuchMusic Video Awards (MMVA) in Toronto, June 15, 2014. Reuters/Fred Thornhill

Ariana Grande is furious at all the flak she's getting just because she decided to pursue a sexier image and the homophobic slurs that his brother is getting. She hates the fact that people actually pity her because they think she is just doing everything to sell. She defends her decision by telling everyone that she does not do anything she is uncomfortable with. She also put it out that gay and transgender people are fun people.

The young star is insisting she is hardly doing anything that is not her own choice. She is mad that people will think otherwise, just because she wore shorter skirts these days.

"I've seen people online saying, 'It's so sad she's becoming a product of this industry - she's wearing shorter and shorter skirts and showing more and more skin.' I'm like, 'Yeah, because I want to,'" shared the singer to Attitude magazine.

She also said that she would always be in control of her own decisions. The former Nickelodeon star also added that if she does not want to do something, no one could have forced her to do it. She shared that her passion for this career makes it impossible for her to just follow other people's decisions and take the control away from her.

The songstress also shared that even though she is projecting a sexier image, far from her "Victorious" and "Sam & Cat" days, she's doing it in a natural way. She is progressing in her own pace and she's not going to do something that would shock or upset her younger fans anytime soon because she still cares for them, especially since they are the ones who have been with her since the start of her career.

Apart from her clothes, Ariana also slammed reports involving her gay brother who is being picked on. She loves her brother very much and thinks gay or transgender people are all kind and fun.

"I think I've been raised in a very fun, celebratory, democratic way," the singer shared to Attitude magazine. "My brother is like my other half, I love him so much. When we were growing up, he was always doing musical theatre and I was always surrounded by his gay friends, so most of my best friends are gay or transgender or some beautiful kind of fun."

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