Ariana Grande 'Copied' Mariah Carey's Dance Moves?

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Ariana Grande has been touted as the Mariah Carey of today's generation due to her impressive vocals. Yet while some critics offer praises easily, a few others have criticized the "Problem" singer. Reports claim that Grande has been copying Carey's moves in her recent performances.

The former Nickelodeon star, Ariana Grande certainly isn't showing signs of backing down despite the cancellation of her show, "Sam & Cat." In fact, the singer-actress is quite busy working on her second album plus handling performances of her latest single, "Problem," left and right.

Just recently, Grande performed her hit single "Problem" at the Radio Disney Music Awards wearing the infamous Mickey Mouse ears. However, it wasn't the outfit or the song that caught the attention of critics. It was Ariana's dance moves that were allegedly "ripped off" from Mariah Carey's performance of "Honey."

According to a few comments on a report by Ocean Up, this isn't the first time Grande has taken cue from Mariah Carey.

"Yeah if you watch the full performance arianna did copy mariah but that's nothing new because girl has been copy mariah since her album droped. First her songs then the music videos (baby i, copied mariahs fantasy music video outfit and all) her other song the way copied mariah carey songs (same begining and melodie) her misic video for right there was a straight rip off copy of mariah carey's music video for Its like that, and then ariana copied mariahs hair style, then color of hair, and again mariah's outfit for her black n white music video all I want for christmas (gogo boots, hair, dress everything), then she copied mariahs hair from mariahs music video for her song honey, now ariana os copy mariah dance moves from the song Honey. All while saying that whitney Houston and india are her "idols". What a copy cat unoriginal kid she is. Smdh," comments SMH.

"If she just admitted Mariah is someone she looks up to it'll be easier on her. But her, her family and friends keep saying she's nothing like Mariah everything she does is "authentic". It doesn't look good," adds Marina And My Diamonds.

Even Perez Hilton claims Grande has been copying Carey's dance moves. Yet, who would believe Hilton after his libellous claim about Grande using drugs?

As for Mariah Carey, the former "American Idol" judge hasn't been supportive herself of the Nickelodeon star.

"First of all, I'm still young because I discount numbers. Numerically speaking, I stopped counting at 17," answered Carey with regards to a question about Grande touted as the "young Mariah."

"I wish everybody the best of luck and if this is the career path they choose, hopefully they can achieve," continued Carey (via Pop Crush).

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