Ariana Grande BFF Jennette McCurdy Racy Selfie Leak: Twitter Fans React

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In most of nearly naked photo leak scandals, the fans of the celeb involved either back off or post nasty remarks but it seems different in the case of "iCarly" and "Sam and Cat." Reportedly, Jennette's fans are in full support and they are making sure that they stand by her in these testing times.

Many of her fans have tweeted that how much they love her and why she should not listen to her haters. On the other hand, a number of fans tweeted that Jennette means everything to them and she does not deserve being in the middle of such a scandal.

Furious Jennette fans are also wondering as to who leaked the very personal pictures of the star. Through in an underplayed post, Jennette blamed her ex-boyfriend Andre Dummond for the fiasco - there is no confirmation as to he is the accused.

Just after the naked selfies leak, Jennette took to twitter and wrote: "To anyone disappointed: I sent those pics to 1 person. You can connect the dots. Shocked someone would stoop so low. I just speak w/ candor."

Jennette is clearly miffed with whosoever this one person is. Do you think Andre could do such a thing out of sheer angst Jennette?

In her recent interview, she had called Andre a bad kisser and gave this as a reason why she dumped him. Andre was madly in love with Jennette and he was the one who followed her diligently on social media. The buzz is that Jennette started dating Andre only because of the latter's NBA star status.

Fans of NBA star feel Jennette's slam must have saddened Andre deeply. Yet, could this diss could have hurt him that much for him to leak such racy photos of his ex-girlfriend on the web?

Let us know what you think is the truth. Do you think Andre is the reason for Jennette's worries or are the photos leaked as part of some publicity gimmick?

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Jennette McCurdy's Nearly Naked Photos Go Viral : How is 'Sam And Cat' Star Coping with the Scandal?

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