Ariana DiLorenzo of 'Ariana and the Rose' Will Not Strip to Reach the Top of the Music Charts

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Described as a band out of New York that is "just starting to find its groove," Ariana and the Rose has already captured the ears of some who do not necessarily listen to only mainstream and popular songs. The band however, is not rushing to obtain the top spot on the music charts even though it has the potential. Ariana DiLorenzo of the band says she certainly will not rush to the top spot if it means that she would have to look sexy to satiate the tastes of mainstream music lovers.

In an interview with Daily Star Online, 24-year old Ariana shared that she's a music artist who wants to express herself through good music and good music alone. If other artists will want to express themselves through other ways, then they should go for it. As for herself, she'll rather stay away from being overly sexual just to get the attention of music lovers.

"If an artist is making great music and they feel they want to express themselves in that way, then go for it. I think, when someone being overtly sexual becomes a substitute for having good music, that's when it becomes uninteresting to me," stated Ariana.

Ariana is not against looking sexy. However, her version of sexy is not the version of the usual artists. For her, mysterious is sexy.

"For myself, I have fun walking a playful line. I think a little mystery is one of the sexiest things a girl can have."

Ariana, an Italian-American beauty is making waves around the world since she debuted "EP Head vs Heart" earlier this year. Even though her band is still in infancy, Ariana has already become widely popular in the fashion world. Her tracks are already being used for runway shows staged in Paris and New York.

After performing to an enthusiastic crowd at the O2 Islington Academy and supporting Foxes in Blightly, the singer has also made its mark in the UK.

"The reaction has been so wonderful. I think, as a band coming over from a different country, you never know exactly how people will react to you, so you really just give the shows your all and hope people respond. We've been really fortunate to play for such great crowds, I feel like I've found a second home with audiences here," shared the songstress.

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