From Education Sep 18, 2010

Student loan default rate rising

The Department of Education (DoE) said that default on student loans climbed to 7.0 percent in fiscal 2008, up from 6.7 percent in the prior fiscal year - yet another manifestation of the sluggish economy and bleak jobs market.

From Education Sep 17, 2010

China sends more students to US B schools than India this year

Big brother China has beaten India for the first time in the number of students to US management schools.

From Education Sep 17, 2010

US universities attract fewer students

The share of foreign students coming to the United States has been going down every year since 2000, shows a study released by an international body comprising the developed nations of the world.

From Education Sep 17, 2010

Recession makes more people take up higher studies

If there is one single benefit to the US due to the recession, it is that more people are studying in colleges than ever.

From Education Sep 15, 2010

Bonus Points: Setting Targets for CFO Compensation in Times of Crisis

The recession has caused all sorts of difficulties for CFOs: falling earnings, tumbling stock prices and, occasionally, knotty negotiations with lenders.

From Education Sep 08, 2010

The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth: Managing Information Asymmetry in IS Consulting

A cynic might say that information systems consultants shortchange their clients. They can, for example, promise more than they deliver.

From Education Sep 08, 2010

Boston: beyond the familiar MBA recruitment faces

Despite experiencing a good number of mergers and acquisitions over the past five years, notably Procter and Gamble's acquisition of Boston mainstay Gillette, Boston is still home to some of the most recognized MBA recruitment brands.

From Education Sep 08, 2010

MBA Admissions Myths Destroyed: I Have To Write the Optional Essay

These past two weeks, we have started our "myth destroyed" by mentioning how challenging it can be to compete against a faceless mass and how one can feel disadvantaged if he/she does not seize each and every opportunity to do so.

From Education Sep 08, 2010

GMAT: frequently asked questions

The majority of MBA students have to take the GMAT test in order to be accepted into business school. answers many of the frequently asked questions that MBA applicants need to know before taking the test.

From Education Sep 08, 2010

The MBA and the iPad

Keen to ensure their MBA programs offer students the most relevant of courses, business schools have usually been early adopters of modern advances in technology.