From Travel Sep 28, 2010

Queenstown’s romantic-adventure band-wagon

I battle desperately not to climb aboard Queenstown's romantic-adventure band-wagon; but I fail miserably.

From Travel Sep 25, 2010

Historic Pera Palace Hotel in Turkey opens for business

After two and a half years of renovation costing $ 29 million, the five star luxury hotel Pera Palace in Istanbul Turkey opened its doors to guests.

From Travel Sep 24, 2010

Camper & Nicholsons (CNI) offers yacht-charter to cruise the Indian Ocean

Even as your contemporaries sail to the Caribbean to celebrate to Christmas, you take a different course.

From Travel Sep 23, 2010


The largest of the Seychelles archipelago, Mahe is an African island rich with hidden treasures.

From Travel Sep 23, 2010

Fly to space with Boeing in 2015

You just have wait till 2015 for a trip into the space, as US aerospace giant Boeing and Space Adventure have tied up to put tourists into low-level orbit in a futuristic capsule.

From Travel Sep 21, 2010

Hotels come under Britain’s Fair Trading scanner

Speaking to the BBC, Dorian Harris, Managing Director of said hotels would email, call and threaten legal action over his website openly offering hotel discounts.

From Travel Sep 21, 2010

Boeing ventures into space tourism with partner

Aerospace major Boeing announced its entry into the space tourism market in partnership with its Space Adventures, and the partnership hopes to sell seats on rocket trips to the International Space Station very soon.

From Travel Sep 21, 2010

Amsterdam: the entertainment Mecca!

This ultramodern and picturesque city is unmistakably the world's most famous tourist hub and also happens to be the prime cultural and economic center of Europe.

From Travel Sep 20, 2010

US Virgin Islands

Idyllic and attuned to tourism, the allure of the Virgin Islands in US lies in its solid tourism infrastructure and its beautiful settings.

From Travel Sep 20, 2010

Pitcairn Islands – Holidaying with the Volcanoes!

A group of four volcanic islands in the southern Pacific Ocean, Pitcairn islands are amongst the most remote in the world, lying approximately halfway between New Zealand and the Americas and to the north of Antarctica.