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Australian PM Abbott delivers keynote speech during B20 Summit in Sydney

From Tech Sep 18

Australia May Sanction Social Media Websites to Ensure ‘E-safety’ for Children

The Australian government is considering creating the post of a commissioner who will work on children's "E-safety."

From Tech Sep 17

Australians Targeted By Hackers Locking Computers For $700 Ransom

Thousands of Australian computers were being locked up by hackers demanding for $700 worth of ransom

World’s First Porn Journal Launched

From Tech Sep 17

Former Google Programmer Creates Ethical Porn Search Engine BooDiGo

The words pornography and ethics may often not be seen together, but a former Google programmer and porn producer Colin Rowntree created a porn search engine that aims to be different from similar existing engines by being ethical.

Yahoo logo

From Tech Sep 15

US Government Threatened Yahoo to Provide User Data: If not Pay a Fine of $250,000 per day

A news regarding Gmail accounts that are being compromised by hackers, but the news now is that the internet giant Yahoo was threatened by the U.S. Government to disclose information of Yahoo users.

iPhone 6 on Release Date Will Provide Only Marginal Battery Improvement; 4.7-inches iPhone 6 to Use Sapphire Crystal

From Tech Sep 09

iPhone 6 & iWatch To Use NFC & Tokenisation Technologies For Payment initiative; Aussie Man Has ‘Mark Of The Beast’ Microchip Implant In Left Hand Ahead Of Device Roll Out

The new iPhone 6 from Apple, which launches on Tuesday, Sept 9, would use near field communication (NFC) and tokenisation technologies for payment initiatives. The iWatch would also offers the two technologies, the Web site cites sources from the Cupertino-based firm.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence Might Move-In With Chris Martin/File photo/Reuters/Eric Gaillard

From Tech Sep 08

Spark Broadband In New Zealand Back To Normal After IT Meldown Over Celebrity Nude Photos

Customer of Spark, a broadband provider in New Zealand known before as Telecom, said that it had fixed the meltdown on its system that had affected its Internet and mobile platforms on Satuday.

Frequent Sex Makes You Intelligent, New Study Says

From Tech Sep 08

Male News Executive In 2 Video Sex Scandals Goes On Indefinite Leave

When entertainment personalities are involved in sex scandals, it would not necessarily destroy their careers or reputation since a lot of actors and actresses are known for their sex adventures.


From Companies Sep 08

Alibaba New York IPO Roadshow Starts Monday, Shareprice Between $60 & $66

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Holdings starts on Monday, Sept 8, its roadshow for the company's initial public offering (IPO) expected to raise as much as $24 billion, documents filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday showed. The roadshow kicks off in New York.

From Tech Sep 05

Internet Leaders Convene At IGF 2014 In Turkey; Forum On ‘Connecting Continents’ Hear Ideas, Questions On Future Of Cyberspace

The global economy in relation to cyberspace, unemployment rate, human rights violations, as well as protection of the children’s welfare in the Web are among the topics being discussed at IGF 2014.

A model demonstrates a Nexus One smartphone

From Tech Sep 05

5 European Nations To Scrap Roaming Charges by January 2015

Ministers from 5 European nations are about to ink an agreement that would lead to a roaming free zone in the region, the Montenegro Ministry of Telecommunications said.