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From Companies Aug 27

Studies Suggest Chinese E-Commerce Market to Outpace U.S. Soon

A study by business consultant McKinsey & Co brought out the possibility that China's e-commerce market would soon outpace that of the U.S. very soon. It forecasts that the Chinese market will grow between $420 billion and $650 billion by 2020.

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From Companies Aug 27

IBM Opens $1.2 Billion Data Centre in Melbourne & Sydney

Technology giant IBM said on Tuesday that it would open two SoftLayer data centres in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. The first, to open in September at Deer Park in Melbourne, is part of IBM's $1.2 billion global investment that aims to expand its cloud computing footprint.

A woman holds her new Apple iPhone 5S after buying it at an Apple Store at Tokyo's Ginza shopping district

From Tech Aug 26

Apple iPhone 6 Release Date Soon, Clone on Android Out; Signs You May Be Looking At An 'Android iPhone' [VIRAL]

The Apple iPhone 6 release date will be announced soon, according to various mobile technology reports. The latest scoop is that the Cupertino-based company is holding an event for the much-anticipated unveiling. However, a clone is already out, and it is running on Android. Catch the viral videos and learn how to spot a fake "new iPhone.

A boy who was addicted to the internet, has his brain scanned for research purposes at Daxing Internet Addiction Treatment Center in Beijing

From Tech Aug 25

Viral Photo: Angry GF Drags Game-Addicted BF at Beijing Subway as Couple Fights for iPhone

Images of a Chinese couple battling for an iPhone became viral as the photos tell the story of game addiction and the strength of the woman as she dragged her boyfriend about 10 metres on a Beijing subway.

4G LTE to 5G

From Companies Aug 22

AT&T Offers 1 Gigabit/Second Download Speed in Cupertino

Telco giant AT&T is offering to Cupertino, California residents an enviable 1 gigabit per second download speed.

A man and two passengers ride on a scooter past a shop displaying the Vodafone logo on its shutter in Jammu

From Companies Aug 21

Vodafone Buys Ericsson Equipment to Replace 5-Year-Old Network Technologies

Vodafone Hutchison Australia will buy from Ericsson millions of dollars worth of equipment as the giant telco builds a new core network as it moves toward the creation of the country's newest mobile service.


From Tech Aug 20

Google is Planning to Target Kids with Child-Friendly Version of Gmail and YouTube

Google is planning on expanding its services to include kids.

File photo of actor Robin Williams arriving for the European premiere of "Happy Feet " at the Empire cinema in London

From Tech Aug 18

Robin Williams Goodbye Video Hoax: Facebook Users Warned of Celebrity Suicide Exploitation

"Robin Williams Says Goodbye with his iPhone Video Before Suicide," says one of the headlines in many Facebook users' news feed. Many curious users clicked on the link, but stopped when the page asked them to "Share" first. A website has confirmed this bait as a scam that "exploits celebrity suicide.

Frequent Sex Makes You Intelligent, New Study Says

From Tech Aug 18

Viral Video: 2nd Sex Scandal for News Executive Amid Hoax Report of Suicide

A Philippine news executive, model, actor, TV host and grand nephew of former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos found himself on Friday in another video sex scandal just weeks after the first scandal broke over social media.

Discovery Channel's ‘Shark Week 2014’ Schedule: 13 Specials about Sharks Including Hammerheads, Zombie and Alien Sharks [WATCH VIDEOS]

From Tech Aug 18

Blame Poor Internet Connection on Shark Attacks on Undersea Web Cables

Many Gmail and Facebook users have experienced problems logging on to their accounts over the weekend, probably caused by high Internet traffic on Saturdays and Sunday. However, one other possible cause behind the connectivity problems that netizens may have experienced are sharks biting underwater...