Articles By Yannick LeJacq

From Tech Aug 09, 2012

Valve To Offer Non-Gaming Software On Steam

Software and video game developer Valve is opening its digital distribution and gaming service platform Steam to include additional types of software. The new content will begin to arrive on the platform as early as September.

From Tech Aug 09, 2012

Papo & Yo, New Playstation 3 Indie Game Inspired By Creator's Allegedly Abusive Childhood, Releases Launch Trailer [VIDEO]

Already attracting critical buzz for its unique and moving story, Papo and Yo released its official launch trailer today to show some of the protagonist Quico's backstory.

From Tech Aug 09, 2012

'Minecraft' Developer Mojang Set To Double Profits In Its Second Year, Showing The Success Of A Thriving Indie Game Scene

Mojang, the developers of the hit indie videogame "Minecraft," has more than doubled its profits since last year, according to a recent interview with the company's CEO. The company's success suggests a larger trend occurring in the game industry towards smaller scale localized projects as massive AAA titles continue to underperform for major publishers.

From Entertainment Aug 08, 2012

BBC Three Documentary 'Batman Shootings' To Debut Just One Month After Aurora Tragedy

BBC Three announced Tuesday that it is commissioning a one-hour documentary investigating the shootings that occurred last month in Aurora, Colorado. The film is set for release on Aug. 23, little more than a month after the shootings themselves.

From Entertainment Aug 08, 2012

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Originally Included Origin Story For Bane That Christopher Nolan Allegedly Cut - Report

"The Dark Knight Rises" costume designer revealed in an interview recently that Christopher Nolan originally included an extended flashback sequence for Tom Hardy's character allegedly explaining Bane's origin story as a supervillain.

From Tech Aug 08, 2012

Zynga Releases 'ChefVille' On Battered Facebook Platform In Wake Of Financial And Legal Troubles

Following a month of struggling financial performance and impending legal battles, Zynga is releasing a new Facebook game "ChefVille" based around cooking. Will it help resuscitate the battered company and its wounded relationship with Facebook?

From Faith & Belief Aug 07, 2012

Pat Robertson On The Wisconsin Sikh Temple Shooting: 'It's The Atheists'

Pat Robertson said today on the 700 Club that "Satanic atheists" were the cause of the Sunday shooting that occurred in a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, explaining that "they're angry with the world, angry with themselves, angry with society and they take it out on innocent people who are worshiping God.

From Entertainment Aug 07, 2012

"Zero Dark Thirty," Katherine Bigelow Film About Hunt For Osama Bin Laden, Finally Gets A Trailer [VIDEO]

After months of speculation and accusations of favoritism and compromising national security on the part of the Obama administration, Katherine Bigelow's new movie "Zero Dark Thirty" is finally revealed to the public in a new teaser trailer.

From Tech Aug 07, 2012

Diablo III Hacks Continue, Users Report PayPal Accounts Being Used For Money Laundering

Three months after the game's initial launch, "Diablo 3" is now experiencing a new kind of online scam-artist, one that's learned to defraud other gold farmers and profit off of illegitimate virtual transactions.

From Companies Aug 06, 2012

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Drops Out As One Of Top 10 Tech Billionaires, Making A Bad Week Worse

The past week was not kind to billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, chairman and CEO of Facebook Inc. Capping it all was word that Zuckerberg had lost his place among the 10 richest technology billionaires, at least temporarily.