Articles By Yannick LeJacq

From Tech Aug 16, 2012

“Command & Conquer” Shifted To Free-To-Play Model: Are Zynga And Electronic Arts Switching Places?

EA Games is transforming "Command & Conquer" into a free-to-play multiplayer game, while Zynga revealed plans to publish partnered content being distributed in a more traditional publishing model than the one it pioneered.

From Tech Aug 15, 2012

Activision Co-Founder To Zynga: You 'Give The Casual Market A Bad Name'

David Crane, co-founder of Activison and creator of the legendary Atari 2600 game "Pitfall!" criticized Zynga for giving the "'casual' market a bad name" in a recent interview, showing once again the divisiveness of the social gaming giant's presence within the gaming and tech industry.

From Tech Aug 15, 2012

Sony Debuts YouTube App For PlayStation 3, Has Remote Control With Smartphones

Late in its current-generation life cycle and amidst countless rumors about the upcoming PlayStation 4, Sony is finally introducing a native YouTube app to its PlayStation 3 gaming console. Is this a sign of Sony's future plans of all-encompassing media integration?

From Tech Aug 14, 2012

Xbox 720 Dev Kit 'Durango' Sold On eBay For More Than $20,000

Following confirmed reports of an Xbox 720 development kit being used to leak prospective specs for Microsoft's upcoming next-generation console, the device popped up on eBay over the weekend, ultimately selling for $21,000.

From Entertainment Aug 11, 2012

RuPaul's 'All Stars' Announced Official Cast And Guest Judge List, Reigniting Old Rivalries

The first season's cast and guest judges of "All Stars: RuPaul's Drag Race," RuPaul's latest venture into reality television with Logo, were announced this week.

From Entertainment Aug 11, 2012

Eminem Puts Dark Times And Drug Addiction Behind Him, Thanks Fans For Support [VIDEO]

Eminem thanked his fans for helping sustain him through dark times when he was struggling with drug abuse, depression, and tenuous relationships with his family during a performance in New York City Thursday night.

From Tech Aug 11, 2012

'Diablo III' 1.0.4 Patch Will Significantly Change Endgame, Blizzard Also Promises Developer Blogs

Fresh off the 1.0.3 patch and continuing security issues for following ever more reports of user accounts being hacked, Blizzard released details of the upcoming 1.0.4 update.

From Tech Aug 10, 2012

‘Bioshock Infinite’ Loses Multiplayer, Enlists ‘Gears Of War’ Talent Following Loss Of Two Key Developers

Following surprising reports this past May that "Bioshock Infinite" was being delayed until 2013, publisher 2K Games and developer Irrational Games are facing further suspicion of the state of one of their flagship franchises this week following rumors that key figures in the game's development were leaving the company.

From Tech Aug 10, 2012

Zynga COO John Schappert Resigns As Company Searches For New Direction

Zynga's John Schappert is resigning from his position as COO and board after he was stripped of creative duties last week, the social game developer announced on Wednesday in a regulatory filing.

From Entertainment Aug 09, 2012

Rick Ross Hits No. 1 For Fourth Straight Time With 'God Forgives, I Don't,' Celebrates Exactly The Way Rick Ross Would

Rick Ross continued his reign atop the pop charts this week when "God Forgives, I Don't," reached number 1 in sales. His fourth straight album to reach No. 1, "God Forgives, I Don't" can only spell victory for his up-and-coming record label.